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Judgements — (September 1998) Judgements. Is that what life is about? The Bible says, "Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged," and yet, humankind ignores this line on a regular basis. Everything and Anything is judged. And I'm not talking about simple critiques on entertainment/fashion/whatever that we are all so used to seeing/ reading. I'm talking about people.

As many of you know, I live by many Mottos (in fact, maybe I should start cataloguing them). The one I use the most is "Life is too short..." which can be finished off with " hide affection" or " hold a grudge" or any other variety of themes. Well, one of the newest ones to join my stable is: "If You Want Truth, Go To The Root. If You Want Blinds, Stay On The Vines" (obviously in reference to finding the truth about anything versus believing the rumour mills and grape vines).

I'm used to being judged. Heck, I've been judged all my life. Same as all of you! However, I tend not to take these things personally. After all, as I'm fond of quoting Tupac Shakur, "Only God Can Judge Me". Meaning, if anyone has a *right* to pass judgment on me, it is God. So, if a person wants to pass negative judgement on me, it's their right to do so. It's sad, though, for that person to pass judgement based on rumours, however. And yet, that is the culture in which we live.

I tend to put myself in other people's shoes all the time. Whenever I'm caught in an argument or someone is telling me of their predicaments, I try to see everything through the eyes of all those involved. After all, as I'm fond of quoting my other Musical Hero, Elvis Presley, "Before you Abuse, Criticize, and Accuse, Walk A Mile In My Shoes..."

Is self-worth and pride all it takes to combat feeling brought down by others? I think so. I go through life not really worrying about what others think of me. Mainly because I know that those who've taken the time to sit and talk with me and learn who I really am, *know* what kind of person I am. And thus I don't believe they would think wrongly of me. Those who simply want to judge me based on assumptions... well... they've still got a lot to learn about life, not just me.

I take, as an example, a scenario which occurred a few weeks ago. We were in line waiting to pay at a local Price Costco. James pulls a wicked tantrum because he wanted me to buy him something. Now, he's pulled tantrums before, but not as wild or loud as this one. Gina, up in arms over the situation, wanted to leave everything and go home. I didn't. I know she was mortified over the stares and whispers of all the other patrons and that affected her. Myself, I didn't care. Leaving the store would not solve the problem. In fact, it would only serve to get us out of "public view". The food items I went to buy would have remained unbought. No winners. I sent her and Melyssa to the car, and tried to calm James down.

You see, in situations like this, I depend upon the kindness of strangers. I've been in that selfsame line when someone else's child is pulling a tantrum. The only way to get them to stop is to shock them out of it. Only a stranger can do that. Thus, I would interrupt the yelling and speak with the child. The child, caught off guard, would try to answer me. If I kept them talking long enough, their tantrums would cease. I was hoping someone would do the same for me. Not expecting it, mind you. Just hoping for it. Well, it did happen. A lady began to speak with James and he found himself in the same confusing situation I put other children in. He quieted down and attempted to answer the woman non-verbally. Sadly, her line was moving a LOT faster than mine, and soon she was too far to speak with James and he continued. Up until we were almost home.

Life is like a screaming child. You never know when it's going to stop.

So, what's all this rave about? Just that to avoid being overpowered by other people's judgements and opinions of you, you have to do two things. (1) Have faith in yourself and believe in yourself. (2) Put yourself in their shoes and hope that they do the same when it comes to you. Other than that, live life the way you want to. Hold on to the Joys, and release the fears.

After all, as I'm fond of quoting my favorite author, Spider Robinson, "Shared Pain is Lessened, Shared Joy Increased."

And if you want to know something about me, just ask. Don't believe everything you hear unless you hear it from the Source.

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