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What Are You? — (April 2000) What are you?

Seems like a simple enough question, doesn't it? Granted, it's not as easy as "Who are you?" but it should be.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about my answer to this question. I'm not sure where to find it. If I'm chatting with a group of parents, the answer is easy enough: Father and Son. If I'm in a business setting: Network Administrator / Manager. If I'm at a convention: Writer and Editor.

So many hats, so many names. It reminds me of my "Jack of all Trades" article. Except the important question is "What am I to myself?"

If I were to merge all my identities (Son, Brother, Father, Boyfriend, Writer, Editor, Critic, Programmer, Sysop, Network Administrator, Singer, Actor, Manager, etc) what would I find? A well-rounded, well-grounded individual, or someone suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder?

I guess on a personal level it doesn't really matter. I will always be Friend, Boyfriend, Confidant, and one day Husband to Chantale. I will always be Father and Friend to James and Melyssa. I will always be Son and Friend to my Mom and Dad as well as Brother to my Sister and Brother. But what of my professional level? I'm not talking about titles. I mean what do I see myself as being? I will always be a "Computer Guy" in whatever capacity (programmer, consultant, administrator, manager, etc) but do I ooze the sense of Computers? Perhaps when I speak with someone about computers.

As usual, the answer was right in front of me.

My Profession is that of a Writer.

I write code. I write reports. I write messages. I write stories. I write reviews. I write emails. I'm a Communicator. I use the written word to convey my ideas, to express my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions. I'm given reports to write because I can take the abstract world of computer technology and make it available and understandable to the layman. In both a formal and informal manner, I pass on my knowledge and teach with words.

It's strange to realize I've always been using the talents God gave me and practice has perfected (or at least streamlined (grin)). The only thing to have ever changed has been the application of my words. How did I use my skills to work? To whom did I address my commentaries? Which group needed my help in clarifying matters? And, at the same time, on another level, who am I entertaining? To whom are my stories, reviews, and creativity being addressed?

I'm a Writer because I'm a Thinker. As a Thinker I cannot help but look at the world around me and ponder. As a Writer I cannot help but take my pondering and express it with words. As a Creator, I'm very happy to have a forum in which to make my thoughts known. As a Human Being, I'm very happy to be able to reach so many people and sometimes touch their lives. There is no greater gift than to touch the life of another person and lift their spirits or make them think. We are individuals, but we must always remember that we are one people, one world. We share experiences to show just how alike we are.

Peace to you all, my Brothers, my Sisters, my Friends.

Now, tell me. What are you?

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