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At Lost In Space — Thrilling! Heart-pounding! Exciting! The new Lost In Space movie was all that and more!

I was lucky, I didn't have any preconceptions going in. I've been a fan of Lost in Space for as long as I can remember. I used to watch the episodes on tv in both French and English, and later, when Innovation got the rights to publish NEW adventures of the Robinsons, I was a fan of the comic. In fact, Bill Mumy's last storyline, Journey Into The Center of the Soul, was one HELL of a ride!!

When it came to the new movie (finally! After years and years of it being in "option"), the only thing I knew was that Matt Leblanc (Joey on Friends) would play the role of Major Don West. Everyone else was a surprise. William Hurt as John Robinson, Gary Oldman as Dr. Zachary Smith, Jack Johnson as Will Robinson, Mimi Rogers as Maureen Robinson, Heather Graham as Judy, and Lacey Chabert as Penny Robinson round out the cast.

The storyline is the same one we always remembered: The Jupiter mission is to reach Alpha Prime. Dr. Smith is hired to destroy the ship and ends up getting stuck on it. The rest of the movie deals with our stalwart heroes surviving the attack of The Robot as well as some alien baddies. Finally, throw in some Time Travel and Father/Son moving moments, and the movie is complete.

Again, I must admit, my heart was pounding. I was literally skittering about in my seat through all the action scenes. Especially when the family went up against their first alien menaces! Yow!! The escape sequences (a couple of planets) were just as energetic and frenetic, my eyes never once leaving the screen.

(In case you can't tell, I just now returned from seeing the movie and so I'm still on an adrenaline high! :) )

The Special FX were indeed spectacular. The opening sequences and establishing shots made me wonder if I was going to be spending the 2 hours ooo-ing and aww-ing but that was not the case. The FX were as integral to the movie and the continuation of the storyline as anything else. Spectacular!

The cast were all excellent as well. I must admit there were a couple of scenes where I kept agreeing with some past reviewer's comments about William Hurt being too "wooden" in most of his movies, but I easily forgave him those moments. I was much too involved in the movie!! All in all, this was definitely a blast to watch and be a part of! Even the ending credit soundtrack had a pulse-pounding, heavy guitar riff which was just a perfect follow-up to the last scenes. I give this movie a very hearty 5 Stars!!! Go see it if you are a Sci-Fi/Action fan who loves all-out adventure!

Until next time, have some popcorn, but keep your hands off my Cherry Coke, and I'll see you, At The Movies!!

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