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At Out of Sight/ X-Files/ Armageddon/ Zorro! — You know what? I actually got to see a lot of movies recently! However, because of that, I'm not going to go into major details. I just wanted to tell you about them. These are listed in the order that I saw them, btw.

First off: Out of Sight starring George Clooney. I loved it! Definitely gets 4 stars from me! George is just too sympathetic, and even as a "bad guy" (he's a career bank robber) he's just too cool. I don't know if it's his disarming smile, the fact that he was Batman, or that I loved his "tuff-ness" in From Dusk Till Dawn. Also, it helps that the love interest is a major babe (Jennifer Lopez). *Mrowr*

Second: The X-Files: Fight For the Future. I love the X-Files. It's an amazing TV show. As a movie... it makes a hell of a tv show. Yup, I was disappointed in this film, and I'm not sure why. Yes, a major character dies. Yes, we're let into the truth (or part of it) as to what's up with the aliens. Yes, Mulder and Scully almost kiss. But... something was missing. Skinner was there more as a prop than anything else. He didn't really contribute. And the Lone Gunmen? Yee gads. 5 minutes, if that, of screen time, and only to act as a diversion. Alas, Krycheck wasn't in the movie, either. As a movie, I give it 2 stars. When I'll "see it" on the "small screen", my rating will definitely improve.

Third: Armageddon. You've all seen the ads, you've all heard the hype. Does it live up to it? ... Well... yes. Running in the two and a half hour range, it's a long movie. And it's chock-full of special fx. But, the "human" element of the movie is definately there. Yes, some of the tense moments really aren't as it's easy to guess what's gonna happen. But, there were times that I was caught off-guard. And, as I said, there were moments that had me looking away from the screen as I was close to tears. A rocking soundtrack (with lots of stuff from Aerosmith --with Liv Tyler in the film, how could there not be? :)), the movie zooms through its time and entertains at every level. I definitely give it a generous 4 stars (almost close to 4.5!)

Fourth: The Mask of Zorro. Yup, I've been looking forward to this movie for a while now. The previews were amazing, and Catherine Zeta-Jones... ooooooh what a doll! In fact, when watching the previews for the first time, I happily exclaimed that she would have made an *excellent* Lady Rawhide! The most beautiful part of this movie, in my eyes of course, was the fact that BOTH Zorros are present. The original Zorro (played marvelously by Anthony Hopkins) and the man who takes on the mantle (Antonio Banderas). It was a fun romp which did entertain me, but it didn't challenge me. For that, I'll have to give it 3 stars. I don't know if they're planning on following up with a sequel (as a sword-brandishing hero really does seem dated in the age of guns) but if they do, I'll be there with my fedora on! (grin)

That's it for now! Until next time, keep reaching for that popcorn, and please keep your seats clean! I'll see you next time, At The Movies!!

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