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The Bogie Man (Paradox Press Graphic Mystery) — by John Wagner & Alan Grant (writers) Robin Smith (penciller) Rating: *****

"He calls himself Bogie, and he's pounding the pavement of Glasgow in search of the legendary Black Bird, one step ahead of the Fat Man and his gang of hardened killers. There's one problem, though: the Bogie Man is actually escaped mental patient Francis Forbes Clunie, and his hard-boiled adversaries are really law-abiding citizens who are cleaner than a kilt on laundry day. But a little thing like reality won't stop the Bogie Man from getting what he wants -- or hanging his imaginary enemies out to dry.

"This volume collects both novel-length adventures of this English cult classic for the first time anywhere. THE BOGIE MAN was also produced as a BBC film featuring Robbie Coltrane, the star of the popular "Cracker" television series.

Yup, you read that right. 5 stars! This book just shines on so many levels! Visually, Story-wise, and especially Entertainment! I'm a huge fan of both Humphrey Bogart and Detective Fiction (not to mention movies which is a given). Thus, a book like this is a gem to me. The situations Bogie gets himself into and seeing the world through his eyes as he moves around, is simply a scream. I heartily recommend it!! In fact, if it weren't for the fact that this review section would have been empty without it, I would have listed The Bogie Man (ISBN: 1-56389-450-5) as my Recommended Reading Pick of the Year!

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