Charlize Makenzie Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

Charlize Makenzie Aragona-Turgeon's Baptism ~ Sunday October 14th 2007

Just under 3 months of age, after surviving open heart surgery our baby girl was baptised in the same church that we got got married in and that Kyle was baptised at. It was a very special day for us as it was the first time our families would come together since her birth and our ordeal to celebrate her.

Hey look what I found!

Just before the ceremony.

What a face!

Our great big family!

We are just thrilled, see Francisco's face!

Awww, yes she cried but it was more because she was hungry - oops her feedings were off!

Unfortunately this is the only picture of the candle that we took and it was blurry, I did the best I can to fix it, but it's not perfect.

Welcome Charlize!

Pastor Marc

Aren't they cute?!

All of our kids.

Our extended family with Charlize Grandparents

Unfortunately wer weren't able to capture Mike's side of the family all together, but here is a great one with his parents!

Papa celebrating his daughter's day.

This has to be one of my favorite ones of our kids all together. Aren't we all gorgeous!

I love this picture of Mike and I, I don't think I got one this good on our wedding day of us cutting the cake!

Kyle indulging with Auntie Sylvie in the hugest piece of cake ever.

His grandfather lovingly helping him out for the rest of the food.

Presenting the 2 luckiest godparents around!

Mike kicking back at the end of the day with the 2 little ones.

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