Charlize Makenzie Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

The Hospital Stay

Welcome to Lasalle Hospital where Charlize was born on June 24th 2007. They had a very awesome reputation for their birthing center and I was hoping to have a better experience here than I did at the other place. Turns out it was like a hotel, it was such a fantastic experience (minus the lacking of the epidural). We were comfortable, homey, and had a nice quiet time getting to know our daughter. We had a private room and had loads of place to accomodate guests, even at one point we were 9 in there!


Mommy's first picture with her baby girl, not looking so worn down after delivery!


Papa is just so in love with his new baby girl!


Kyle just looking up at Mommy and his new baby sister!


I love this picture since it really shows how we stayed for 3 days.

Peaceful sleep

Charlize sleeping peacefully.

Baby bed

Don't you love those plastic beds!

First wash

Charlize getting washed up for the first time, not a bath, but under a tap does the trick!


Isn't snuggling Papa the best thing ever!


She loves being wrapped up!

Mike writing

We spent many moments writing our experiences, we love to keep track of special moments, who would have thought that the book would follow her for the following months recordind key moments in her very young life.

Daddy Hug

On the last day as we waited for the pediatrician to release us, Charlize found a comfy spot on her father.

GrandParents - Turgeon


GrandParents - Aragona

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