Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's 1st Birthday ~ Saturday July 22nd 2006


Kyle enjoyed this particular puppy - (must have been the piles of tissue paper that it was wrapped in) because it was the wrapping paper that kept his attention most of the time.

Just hanging around and cuddling with my gifts!

Cake Time~

Do I squish it? Do I clap my hands with it? What the heck is this stuff?
Little did I know what it was going to taste like!

Cake Time part II

Ah! He finally realized that cake is not to clap with, nor to squish fingers in but is best in his mouth! The look says it all!
He didn't end up as messy as it could have been, it's been worse, but it did warrant a quick rinse in the bath!

The Airplane

No he wasn't kissing the plane, rather investigating the light that flashes under it when the engine turns on!


A classic bow on head picture!! Notice how intrigued his friend Matthieu was.


The joys of ballons!

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