Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

2 years old

Time flies with kids in the house! My wonderful husband has taken extra time to capture lots of kid moments on his page so PLEASE go peek there too for extra kiddie goodness!

The 3 of them enjoying time with each other, you can see how truly happy they all are to be together.

Kyle made himself a fort and brought in everything that was special to!

James walked him around on a grumpy afternoon and managed to make him nap, thank goodness for Big Brothers!


Another one for his collection, but first he has to inspect it.

Ah, new Pjs, and they don't get much better than Spiderman.

Okay, he's a boy, but with Auntie Sylvie and Melyssa things tend to get silly. He LOVES tying up his hair and really wouldn't give the elastic back.

Maman & Kyle enjoying some quiet time.

He LOVES being outside and helping out, check out his gloves!

While Maman & Papa were in the hospital with Charlize, Kyle was living it up with Grandpapa & his tractor!

Once again he's having a blast in his grandparents solarium...doesn't seem to miss his parents much.

Ah, the love for that puppy of his!

Rough life my son seems to have...

He got over it soon enough to play peekaboo.

This was the first day we came back from the hospital and our little boy was sure happy to see us again after all that time away.

My 2 gorgeous children

Ask him"Who's cute?" "Kyle's Cute" is what he answers. 25 months old!

My 2 men.

He was supposed to be taking a nap, can you tell? He's on the top of our stairs (obviously not in bed) peeking down at us.

Kyle loves teaching things to Charlize, on his own we found him sitting in front of her and lining up his cars and teaching her 'this is lightning McQueen, this is new Mater, this is...."

He's such a good kid that we lock him up with the dog...NOT, (I can hear Youth Protection knocking at my door) the little bugger crawls in with the dog and shut the door himself.

Kyle so thankful for getting a new car!

Then comes the quality play time!

Papa is so accomodating, in fact a few minutes later the dog snuggled on him as well.

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