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Water Time - Rubber Ducky

1st Bath

This is the first time Mom gives me a bath, I behave, the only thing I do (not like I can control myself) is play fireman!

What the!?!

Do people really think these towels with head covers that look like teddy's and ducks are really cute? Do I look impressed?

Duck Saves The Day

Thankfully my parents have enough decency to use the duck to protect my privates!

Chez Grand maman

We are at his great grandparents and he's washing up in the sink after a long 6 hour drive.

Dad Time

I love going swimming with my Daddy, some good fun quality guy time!

Chasing the Noodle

I can't seem to catch that noodle, it's just so slippery in the water!

Pool Side

Just taking a little break to visit Mommy pool side!


Look I can swim!! I'm kicking away and keep splasing myself in the face!

Look how good I am on my back! Okay granted *most* of the time I've got my legs in the air curled into a ball and have water in my eyes, but eventually I got good at it.
Legs in the air
On my back

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