Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

Kyle and Casey - Best Friends

Our puppy Casey just loves the new addition to the family. After sniffing him over a bunch of times over and a few strategically placed licks, she's accepted him just fine, in fact it's as if he's always been there as you'll notice in the pictures.

Got Milk

Got Milk? Can she get any closer without touching? Not really, but she knows she can't lick his face, so she'll crawl up and get as close as she can get away with!

Casey Babysitting

Casey's already sharing her bed, I mean our bed! This is a typical nap, Casey always close to Kyle.

TV time

Yes, Casey's on the couch, if she can't cuddle with Mike, well lying beside him will do just fine!


Kyle and Casey cuddling time, in fact it's more like "Geez he takes up a lot of space!"


Yes Mommy, what do you want?

Kyle is comfortable to sleep on

Okay, so Casey isn't allowed to sleep on the mat, BUT is she allowed to sleep on Kyle who is on the mat?

Sharing Casey's Rope

"So Casey, can I have my turn now? I promise I'll give it back to you!"

Sharing Casey's Basket

Not only do I share toys with her, I also get into her basket, it's just so cozy in here!!

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