Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

Just Too Darn Cute

This page is for all those extra pictures that don't necessarily fall in a specific category but are just too darn cute not to share!

I'm A Little Teddy Bear!

I've got a teddy bear on my chest, and teddy's all around in my bed! Talk about having tons of friends to play with!

Kyle's Cute Face

Hi, I'm cute!

My Toes

I can't wait to control my own muscles...I caught my toes, I can't let go and then I fell asleep! This sucks - people are laughing at me!

My cottage look

This is me at the cottage in my cottage oufit! Don't you love my wool sweater with Teddy's on it. I'm just adorable!


My Daddy says I look like a sack of potatoes in this PJ! I'm probably watching the Muppet Show while Mommy took this picture.

3 Months Old

The morning of my 3 month old birthday, I'm in bed (as usual) snuggling with Mommy's blankie and enjoying my new toys -my fingers!!

Staring Contest

Who's going to blink first? Easy way to win - just grab her with my slobbery fingers.


You've got to be kidding! You're impressed because I'm finally holding those rings attached to that weird butterfly bug?! (Note: Mommy thinks I have beautiful blue eyes)


This was no ordinary giggle, Kyle was cracking up in full laughter at his aunt who was laughing back at him! What a family!

Serious face

I don't always laugh, check out my serious face...

Tired face

...and my exhausted face.

I'm getting so strong

I'm getting so strong and handsome!

Urban Baby

I love playing ball with Casey! Right now she's looking at her ball that dropped on the floor and I'm all smiles (and drools) with my very cool hat!

You Looking At Me

What'cha looking at?

Sitting in a basket

I'm so toasty on the clean warm towels!

I can crawl!

My newest accomplishment, I can crawl! I figured at just woke up one day and took off like I've done it forever.

7 1/2 month portrait

Here I am at 7 1/2 months, what you can't see is that Mommy is disturbing me while I play with her Tupperware so I'm not going to give her a smile no matter what she does!

Climbing stairs

I'm 9 months and I can climb stairs! Mommy gets so tired trying to chase me up 14 stairs!

Didn't I just mention that I get everywhere now that I'm fully mobile! I love crawling under this table to look at the pretty classical CDs even though Mommy says "Non".

Climbing stairs

Yes Mommy? I'm not really touching, just looking with my fingers!

18 month portrait

I'm a year and a half and becoming a wonderful little boy!

Feeding the dog

You can't see Casey my puppy, but I love to sit and feed her 1 piece of food at a time! She's so patient with me! This is also the longest you'll see my hair, I'm getting my baby curls cut this coming weekend!

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