Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

Daddy & Baby - A Page Devoted to the Two Men In My Life

Daddy Can't Get Much Happier

Day 1 - the first morning, Daddy is realizing that last night wasn't a dream, that he really is holding his son after 9 months of waiting!

Daddy Is Bringing Baby Home

The going home picture, sure looks cozy in that seat!

Mike & Kyle On Couch

Daddy is showing off his cute little guy!



C'est l'amour

C'est l'amour!

1st Time That Kyle Lifts His Head

Not even a week old, and Kyle lifts his head with a huge smile on his face to look at his Daddy,


Daddy is so cozy, especially on his Batman shirt!

Dad's Lap

He just loves sitting on his Daddy. I have such handsome men in my family!

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