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Feeding Time!

This page is going to continue to grow with all the food he will be introduced to over the next year. Granted for now there's a lot of Daddy feeding Kyle pictures since Mommy isn't about to put up pictures of her feeding him, this is the internet after all and it just wouldn't be decent! :)

First Feeding from Daddy

Here he is 1 day old, too hungry to only have breast milk, so Daddy is able to feed him with a cup. It was here that he established himself as Kyle Monster with the amount that he ate!

First Cereal

Okay don't tell but he's not quite the recomended 4-6 months to eat rice cereal. But we gather he's ready since he gets so excited (arms and legs waving and excited yelling) and eats just like a pro! No spit up, no mess, it all goes in to his black hole.

The kids have been taking turns feeding Kyle, I just love these pictures of James' face, he's the one making the funny faces while Kyle is eating just normally, the funny things we do around babies!


Sure I'll take a bottle.... to play with that is!

Mango Face

Did I mention I LOVE mangos?! I'm eating a whole mango in 1 sitting! Most does manage to get to my stomach though, despite this picture.

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