Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Growth Chart


Kyle's weight is plotted in red with the dots being when we actually took measurements.

Weight For Boys
Height For Boys
As you can see so far he's bordering on the 95th pecentile for boys his age. We do call him Kyle Monster for a reason! The first 2 months he consistently put on 1 lb a week, somtimes more. Since his 2 month birthday though, he's slowed down to 1/2 lb every week which is more 'normal'. UPDATE 9 months - He really slowed down the past 3 months, it's caused by his high energy, mobility and teething, he's using up tons of energy and has no appetite! The doctor isn't worried and it's apparently completely normal.
Talk about spurts! When we can literally see him stretch out of his clothes from one day to the next we weren't kidding! He's not as consistent here as his weight, but he's sure growing quickly!
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