Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's Photo Album

Kyle's 1st Halloween

Alright, we know that he won't remember this when he's older, but who can resist cute baby pumpkin pictures! The evening didn't start off too hot as he skipped his afternoon nap, but luckily his mood improved enough to socialize with the neighbours and other children.


Here he is with grandpa examining the really RED KitKAt bar! He's gotten old enough to hold things and we were just lucky that he didn't shove it in his mouth to taste!

Candy Bowl

Right before Halloween began Daddy and Kyle had to closely examine ALL the different candies in the bowl. Next year I'm sure they will gladly taste them ALL!

I love my costume

I love being a pumpkin, I'm just too darn adorable!

Me and Mommy giving candies

Mommy and I are outside waiting to give out candies to the other kids and it was a picture opportunity!

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