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A new year has begun! This journal is tracking my adventures with my new son and family! Sometimes I may go off topic and ramble, but it's mainly my everyday life as a new Mommy which is at times boring, sometimes hectic and often funny. Enjoy the read or at any case keeping updated on my wonderful life with my loving family.

Kids - yes I swear, some days are really bad a warrant an occassional curse. Just because I do, doesn't mean you can.

Adults - if you don't like what you read...Don't read it! Nobody forced you here. You are here because a) you are related or friends with me and wanted to keep yourself updated on my life because you care, b) you also have a baby and can understand what it's like c) you're just plain nosey. It's the journal of MY life, it's brutally honest, to the point and even if it's bothersome, boring or upsetting, I won't change it or mellow it down. If you are in my life and affect my day, chances are you will sometimes even show up in my posts.


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January 2006

January 3rd, 2006

Welcome 2006, even though 2005 was a wonderful year for me and my family we have started off 2006 just as beautifully. New years was AWESOME. It was absolutely perfect in every way. Sure Kyle was growth spurting and was awake every hour and only sleeping 15 minute stretches all day and night for about a week or two, suer we were beyond exhausted, but new year's eve was perfection. By far one of the best I've ever had.

I realize I haven't been on in AGES, been super busy with Kyle, even with Mike here the spare moments are few and far between. He's let me sleep in almost every single morning with Kyle as I've recently took over the night feedings. I no longer feed him in bed with us so that means I'm up in the middle of the night while Mike sleeps, but in return when Kyle is awake at 7 mostly 8am, he gets up and I'm able to sleep in until 10:30 or 11 until his internal lunch bell rings. This has been wonderful.

I've also done something without realizing or necessarily wanting it to go that way. I think I mistakenly weaned him. I say mistakenly because my intention was only to supplement my feedings with some solids, this however resulted in 2 meals a day, cereals at lunch and veggies for supper. It was completely out of my control. He eats like a horse, 6-8 tbsp of cereal at lunch (this is even after nursing) and 2-3 tbsp of a single veggie for supper, we are now on butternut squash. Oh and lunch is at 12:30 (no later) and supper is demanded at 5:30. It's crazy I didn't want to wean him, in fact in my head I didn't realize what we were doing, just basically trying to keep up with his demand (sorry but BF 20 hours out of 24 isn't a quality of life for me, nor is being chomped on). So here I thought everything was good and balanced, he was having enough BM and eating food to help fill up that black hole until yesterday when I got a nice New Year's visit from someone I haven't seen in ... oh 15 months or so! And it hit me like a ton of bricks (the hormones as well) that my baby is weaning himself to some degree and no longer depends exclusively on me. Let me say...oh the hormones. After some shut eye and reflection of my feelings I realize that indeed I had no control over the situation and that Kyle was demanding solids and even if I fed him 24 hours a day he'd still me miserable and hungry. I also calculated that I'm feeding him still 5-6 times a day with 2 extra meals so he's still getting plenty of nutrients and good stuff. Hopefully it's enough healthy nourishment.

Since we've adjusted his feeding schedule and gotten him on a somewhat a routine, nights have been much better. It's been 2 night in a row that he falls asleep at 9 in his crib, wakes up at 2, feeds 25 minutes, sleeps until 6, and then until 8. Has a morning nap (usually of 60-90 minutes) and an afternoon nap of about the same length. So it's been thankfully much better. I attribute this past 2-3 weeks of hellish baby to a combination of teething, starting solids, and developing physically and mentally. On New Year's Day he decided that he can officially roll over BOTH ways, and that x-mas was the Day that he decided to sit. So now in a matter of a week, rolls over both sides and sits by himself. This has mae our meal times so much easier, we feed him in his high chair, sit him in his play pen where he will play happily until we are done. I just can't believe how awesome he is, he's the perfect little boy with a cuteness factor of a gazillion! Sorry if this is duplicated for some readers of my husband's page, but I had to also show off to my friends! :)

In other news last night we had a great time with our friends, good food, a good bottle of wine, great dessert, great music and awesome company, a perfect evening once again. [info]frosa1968 got to feed his godchild and even 'helped' with a diaper change and PJ time. :) We really get a kick seeing him interact so wonderfully with Kyle, expecially when the 2 of them have intense conversations about the details of good wines, vintages, and if oak barrels are the best. I love it that he's getting exposed to such culture and expertise. :)

I'm of now to enjoy my husband's daytime company for one last day. I love my guys to the point I can't even express it into proper words. They complete me.

January 4th, 2006

We went to the Mommy Morning at the CLSC today to weigh him and consult a nutritionist. I enjoy these mornings as my son gets to interact and play with others his age. I also get to check out the other babies and realize that mine seems to be perfectly normal among them (no I didn't doubt it, but it's very neat to see). Obviously as he gets older his social interactions get more advanced, but this morning he had us cracking up as he babbled to everyone he saw, the girls, the boys, the adults...he had a serious case of the verbal diarrhea. One lady just chatted him up so much that they were both in hysterics after the fact as Kyle just listened...and kept on talking. I swear he told them the story of his life so far. :)

We weighed him (17 lbs 5oz) and I admit he's on the large size, the nurses were shocked at him, both in size and that he sits by himself and rolls around. He wears 12month pjs and onesies and it's been a month he's been wearing size 3 diapers. We had to go through his closet pulling out more 'big' clothes and putting away tons more. Thankfully all the gifts he's getting now are size 18months to 24 months. I'm sure he's going to slow down and steady off eventually.

Anyways, I left there with answers and feeling very good about myself, the fact I've been storing milk means that we can keep him on BM for quite a while, the trick is finding a way to have him drink it from a second party :)

Now it's nap time for him and time to make some food for him. On the menu today is beans (yellow and green), acorn squash, zucchini, pears and peaches. Now only if he can stop bitting himself and wailing everytime a spoon gets near him. Poor thing hasn't gotten control of those chompers yet.

January 5th, 2006

hhhhmnn nb v v bbbbbvcv dvv xc

that's kyle punching away at the keyboard. :)

Remember what I wrote about nap...well forget about it, today is the nope, I'm exhausted but I WILL NOT NAP for more than 90 seconds. I'm really wearing down though. Today would be a great day for a car ride to make him snooze, true I couldn't nap with him, but atleast it would make him rest to be in a decent mood.

I'm also out of rice cereal, well the kind he likes, I tried the other kind to try to feed him and only got bubbles and the cereal blown all over myself. Nice touch. Yet he keeps eating his sleeve - duh he's obviously hungry but just too damn picky.

Last night he had oatmeal, sweet potatoes and his first pears - oh the yummy pears! I also put on a onesie that had been accidently dried with a static sheet. This morning ... rash is showing again. So which is is, the oatmeal? The pears? Or the outfit? Or is he teething again? Your guesses are as good as mine.

Tonight is bath night in his new tub/seat. We've searched HIGH and LOW to find something that will make him and us happy. Finally I found a bath that was given to me back when I was pregnant that I stored at my parents house that converts into a sitting position. The trick is that our roman tub has no sides to hook onto, and also has an antislip bottom so any of those sucker things won't do either. We also had bought a toddler tub where he can sit in it, but the problem with it is that he likes to kick and be on his tummy in the tub and this only allows for sitting and hardly any playing. A downfall to having an extremelt active kid. It's also a pain in the arse to wash his hair when he is sitting. The word toddler is also very misleading since you expect to have a baby in there until a year or 2, but really once they hit 20lbs it's too small. Hopefully this will do the trick for our big bouncy boy.

January 6th, 2006

Anyways, thankfully I got more sleep last night, was up only once at 3 to feed, then again at 7 to feed, then at 8am for good. Last night wasn't pretty. I wasn't good. It's bizarre that when I'm stuck in a situation it's very difficult to see that there is a problem. Instead I just kept trying (to no avail) to calm a cranky baby. It wasn't until Mike came home that he realized that our son was as miserable as I was and suggested that he was in pain. Duh I feel like a twit. If tylenol (or even gripe water) could have fixed the problem then my day would have been completely different. In fact I don't think I would have broken down either. I dealt with him kicking, screaming, crying, all day, only by 6pm to get hit in the nose with his head. It was the last straw. Heck I didn't even get a chance to eat yesterday, everytime I went for the fridge (I even served myself food) he'd shriek at the top of his lungs.

Like I said, thankfully I slept more, and it's friday.

Started a new routine today. It was suggested by the CLSC nurse. It involves breakfast. So far Kyle's been sleeping through or just BF for breakfast. She insisted on trying to fit in cereal, then veggies for lunch then cereal for supper. So far he ate a little breakfast 3tbsp at 8:30, napped for an 90 minutes, woke up played, ate 3 cubes of yellow beans for lunch at 12:30 which were a bigger hit than pears a few days back!

Played for another hour alone on his mat, until his back got tired (he only wants to sit now), I cuddled with him for abit, BF again for 10 minutes and he fell asleep again for his afternoon nap. This is good so far. The nicest part, he's in a decent mood, very little yelling and screeching. I know babies need routine, so hopefully this will continue to go well for the evening. I could seriously get used to good days like this. Let's hope that slowly and surely he'll give up that middle of the night feeding and finally sleep right through. I see it slowly improving, last week he only went 4 hours at a stretch, then a few nights back he slept 5 hours in a row, last night he did 6 for a first time. Hopefully in a few weeks things will be normal! :) Whatever normal means.

It seemed to have worked for today! Mommy is very happy and relieved, baby actually asleep much earlier than usual (8:15). He had a huge dinner 4 cubes of beans and about 4-5 tbsp of rice. BF like mad afterwards too. Then he jolly jumped for almost 20 minutes (without any sign of letting up) when we decided that it was enough on his chubby legs. Withing 5 minutes he cuddled into me, had a last cozy nursing session (5 minutes) and his lights went out. :)

What a perfect day. I don't know if the breakfast helped, I don't know if keeping him on a regimented schedule helped, but he was great, his mood was great, his naps were great, his appetite was great. May we be blessed with more days like this.

Let's see what the evening has in store for us...

January 9th, 2006

This morning was interesting an very cozy. Kyle's much more predictable now with his meals and sleeping. 3 naps a day, 3 meals a day, 4-5 BF times a day, bed at 9pm, last snack and cuddle at 10:30 or 11pm, sleeps until 4am, then until morning. Oh and he's up for good at 8am. :) The times he's awake he's in much better moods and loads of fun to play with. With all the sitting he's doing it's given both of us much more freedom, he will sit there for 30-45 minutes and play alone while I do whatever I have to. Once he's tired of the floor, I sit him in his play pen for more time.

January 10th, 2006

It's about time that my son slept 8hours in a row. For him and for our sanity that is. :) He went to bed really early 8pm, and was out until 4am. Ate 25 minutes then slept until 8 where I heard him play until 8:45 when I finally dragged my butt out of bed. Then at 10:30 after breakfast he took a nap (which he's still doing). Days are much better now with this semi routine. :) We probably should have gone to bed early as well...we will never learn. :(

Things are moving along now with the extra fruits and water (thanks Arin) that we are giving him. I should really be trying to give him 2 bottles a day but I find it really hard #1 fighting him #2 pumping for the bottle only to be wasted #3 if I don't pump then I get engorged and I don't want to decrease my milk supply yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll do the milk thing, for now I'll keep the bottle for water.

January 11th, 2006

Yay for us, 8pm (again his bed times are much earlier than previously) until...5am! In fact he woke up at 3 but fell back to sleep without us having to get out of bed. In fact at 5 after his feed he was awake and talking quietly to his mobile and fell asleep again on his own. This is really good. I had to wake him up at 7:15 so we can bring Mike to the train. Had an early breakfast and is now taking his first nap.

January 12th, 2006

How is it that I get more baby food on my face and fingers than Kyle? Rice up on my nose, my ears, my shirt...get the point?

Oh and I've established that bibs are made for mommy more than baby. :) Protects baby from me spilling on him :)

Happy 2nd Birthday to our puppy Casey!

January 19th, 2006

1410 km in 2 days and 22 hours...with a 5 month old and a funeral service in between. I'm glad we're home.

January 22nd, 2006

Happy 1/2 birthday to Kyle Ethan! My little boy is 6 months old today. He's the most wonderful and adorable thing in the world. Sure there are things that aren't as they should be, like I'm still up once a night at 2:30 to feed him, he doesn't roll over anymore (he can, we work on it every day) he just doesn't see the need to do it, and he doesn't take a bottle. Those are really the only things that cause somewhat of an argh.

However he does a bunch of other things that I guess compensate for it, like he BF in 20 minutes or less. He falls asleep on his own, he sings and dances with the music I put on, he can jump like a kangaroo for at least 25 minutes in his jolly jumper, he loves being on his tummy in the bath so he can kick and splash around. He's still not a super cuddly baby and I get my loving from him when he falls asleep on me, but on the flip side he's extremely aware and curious. It's been a while that he knows and responds to his names(both Kyle and Ethan), he can entertain himself for a good 30-45 minutes on his own either in his playpen or on his mat.

His teeth are just so adorable, since he's quite the happy baby and usually has a big smile on his face, his teeth just peek through for those toothy grins. :) As for his looks he's got the these intense crystal blue eyes, not hints of any other colour. They have a dark blue rim and go light blue almost white at places. His hair still causes confusion so I named it oak. We've established that it's got the same blond, light brown and rusty shades as oak. He's no longer got bald spots, but this light hair all over that has a tendency to stick up. He's getting bigger every day (probably a reason why rolling over slowed down a bit) he wears 12 and sometimes 18 months clothes, size 3 diapers still, and size 6-12 for pants. Some days I feel like he's a mini Hulk (minus the green) he just seems to burst out of his clothing!

He eats pretty much anything we give him (excluding...commercial baby food). This we discovered this past week. He won't eat store bought fruits or veggies, those little containers are really useless to us, except for storing the ones I make. Imagine the joy on our faces when we discovered this on the road. Anyways his menu includes squash acorn and butternut, sweet potatoes, carrots beans both yellow and green, peas, zucchini, peaches, pears, apples, bananas, and apricots. Barley and rice, not so much the oats yet, but I assume we'll get there soon. As for his routine, it's breakfast, play, nap, lunch, play, nap, supper play and sleep from 7:30pm to 2:30am, then from 2:45am to 7:30am. It's pretty set, God forbid though his morning nap gets messed up, then we have a cranky pants on our hands :)

All and all he's a good boy, looks so grown up already from that little bundle that we took home from the hospital, heck he doubled his birth weight at 4 months so no wonder! His favorite toy seems to be Casey, and vice versa. They play together as much as they can all day long! In fact Casey's routine is wake up and check all the bedrooms to make sure everyone is there, she seems to take attendance, it's quite funny!

Off to swim class now!

January 23rd, 2006

I think he slept through the night...uhm. I don't remember getting up, but I may have I just have no recollection of it though. If I didn't get up then he slept through his first night in months. Then again he was exhausted took a 4 hour nap from 4:30 until 8:30 (we thought he may ruin his night) but he turned around ate and fell asleep at 10 until I got up at 6:40. Then again at 8:40.

Kyle hates the water at swimming. Not that he hates swimming or water or playing in the water, the bloody water is freezing.

He did the cutest thing this morning. Melted my heart. I think it's the first time he did something on his own to interact with us, I got him up and at 9 we were hanging in bed, he sat there while I fought to get my headache under control to get up and make breakfast for him. I had the side of my head on the pillow looking up at him, he then tipped himself voluntarily over, put his head on Mike's pillow and looked at me and babbled. So he lay there for a good 3-4 minutes, on his side, head on Daddy's pillow looking into my eyes and talking. Seriously melted my heart. Until he grabbed my eyelashes and drooled on Mike's pillow, but that's okay. He rocks my world.

January 27th, 2006

Kyle got his vaccination last night (thankfully just 1 this time) and why not take a guess as to whom we got as a nurse...that's right...the same damn bitch as the first time. I REALLY did try to give her a chance, she's just lame and insensitive, and where I think there must be people who like her, I just don't. Total personality conflict. So gave him the shot, I took a bandaid from her desk (not as if she offered it to my bleeding son) and we left. Grrr...just don't like her. It's not just me either, Mike isn't too fond of her. Whatever, it's done. He's fine. The bandaid is off, he's once again feeling fine, no fever, no grumpiness. He slept wonderful too. I slept...6, that's right 6 hours in a ROW!!! So much so, that at 5:10 when I came back to bed, I was wide awake for 45 minutes! The sleep though didn't last log as by 7:25 he was crying because he covered his head with a blanket and couldn't get out. Silly guy! Oh..he weighes 18lbs 5oz (totally empty stomach) :) After he eats he gets the biggest cutest belly to the point if he's wearing jeans I have to unbutton them! :)

This weekend we have a baptism (and are missing the swimming class) :( The boy has been to 2 baptisms and a funeral in his 6 months on earth. There's also a wedding next year for him!

January 28th, 2006

We brought Kyle over to his grandparents this afternoon where he was fed lunch, played in the playpen, went for a 90 minute walk and ... didn't cry once for the entire time he was babysat! We left as he took his frist spooful of squash and had ourselves a wonderful meal at the Willows in Hudson. With the wonderful warm weather it was absolutely perfect! We had adult time, no kids around to watch or tend to, a great meal (which will also be our supper considering how much we ate!) and best of all, my son was perfect! His grandparents had a wonderful time with him and insisted that we do this more regularly!! We won't necessarily always go out for lunch, but I know Hudson has some really nice places to visit.

Anyways we are home now, my boys are sleeping and my dog wants to play ball. What a wonderful afternoon!

January 30th, 2006

I've said it before but I really do have to be extra careful now, I can't have anything with onions, or cooked in onions for as long as I continue to BF. Kyle just cannot digest it and gets horrible cramps. He woke up yelling 3-4 times last night because of supper. Poor thing, thankfully gripe water helped.

I can't believe the weekend I was so looking forward has past already! It was quite lovely with many outings and social visits. Kyle was just the hit of the party everywhere we went. It's been about 3-4 days where he's extremely sociable, cute and funny. He started saying no. Actually it's more shaking his head in the 'No' motion. Turns out that means he's tired and wants to sleep. :) When he's super tired his mobile even annoys him and he whines at it until it turns off :) So like I was saying he's just the funniest little guy who talks and babbles ALL day long. No joke, start talking to him and he'll tell you the story of his life...twice :) His new personality and uber-cuteness has resulted in many melted grand parents and family members.

Another random thing, we made a Walmart run and bought Kyle Tigger swimming trunks, they are adorable! Pictures will be taken! Also picked up 2 children CD's with classic nursery rhimes and classical music. In fact we have a 40 disc classical music collection already, it was more for the other songs. You see I know the songs, not the lyrics, so instead of saying "La La La LA LA" I'll have actual words! We kind of needed it since both Mike and I didn't grow up with these songs so we have to learn them too now. :) So we got a Car Ride Songs, and Classic Lullaby one. They start off really fun then slowly move onto the soft classical ones, very well made I must say and for 4.88$ for 17 songs, not a bad buy at all! :) They will accompany us on the next 6 hour car ride that we will take in 7 1/2 days. :) (Mike's counting his Do-Dos)

January 31st, 2006

I think teeth and the pain that causes babies is what is causing my son to be miserable. No miserable doesn't seem to do it justice. He's been yelling (shrieking) ALL day long. So much that my brain feels shaken by the constant piercing yells. My eyes water, my brain feels like it vibrates against the sides of my skull. ALL bloody day long. He managed to fall asleep, woke up yelling with cramps it seems. Don't know why that is. His body seems to be changing and he doesn't seem to like it. His cheeks got red again (they were completely fine yesterday) and the drool machine is working full force. Tempra and Gripe...nothing seems to work. The hardest part is that nursing is extremely painful. Both physically and emotionally. BF really takes a hit with the onset of PMS. Not only does it hurt because I'm sensitive my milk supply goes from something like 8-10oz to 1oz (literally). No matter how often I feed him (which is very often as a result) nothing improves and he's left starving and frustrated whereas I am in pain and frustrated at the sudden lack of milk. Sure I could supplement...if he'd take a fuckin' bottle. So I'm left in a pissy mood, PMSing and unable to provide for my baby with nipples that hurt like hell that the last thing I want to do is have anyone or anything near my boobs. The thought of cold turkey weaning has crossed my mind many a times, but it's just not the way I want to proceed, it would be too harsh on both of us. Granted Mike has tried giving him a bottle he just doesn't seem to stick with it very long, we would need a complete outsider with loads of patience to give it a shot...good luck finding one who wants to fight with a 6 month old.

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February 2006

February 1st, 2006

Don't ever wake a sleeping baby. Ever. 11pm sucked. He didn't eat at all just shrieked.

Was awake at 3:30, then for good at 6:45. His mornings are getting earlier and that's the toughest part for me. He no longer turns over and sleeps, just plays. It has to be the hardest part of the day...well not really the other hard part is the 5pm meltdowns.

I realize what the problem is...not only is he teething...he's PMSing. No joke. He's getting all my hormones and it's making him irritable. I read up on it on ivillage last night and sure enough it's true, babies get all screwy at the time of the month because of the hormones. It sucks. I hope we can wean him. I didn't realize the stress that goes behind weaning a baby who doesn't want to. It's like a huge fight that I'm gearing myself for.

I've got the car today, I shall go out. Last night my Dad and hubby kicked me out of the house for a walk. I didn't go willingly, froze my ass off, grumbled all the way there and back, but in the end it did me some good.

Kyle seems very resentful of my enforcement of this rule. Sure he got tummy time before but he's been seeming lazy. Not turning over at all in weeks either way and not reaching for things anymore. Granted he sits like an 8 month old and loves to play that way, I was warned that if I don't insist he may try to skip this gross motor skill. He's not liking it. Changing the diaper kind also seems to help, may sound stupid but the Pampers Baby Dry seem much more bulky than the Cruisers and allows him to move much more. the thing is I have 108 Baby Dry diapers that are unopened.

In other news... he sticks out his tongue.

Just a few recent pictures...I've been horrible at keeping my things up to date. I will try harder, he's just awake so much more during the day!

February 2nd, 2006

Only my son could loose his voice. That's right, confirmed by the doctor (who he just happened to have an appointment with today). My 6 month old "strained" his voice. How you may previous posts. So today he sounds like he spent 3 days at a rock concert, it's really painful to listen to.

That aside, he perfectly healthy. Not too big, not too small, between 50-75 for everything. 8.29kg He was really trying to charm the doctor because everytime she said something he didn't like (ie flu shot, systematic ignoring in regards to sleeping through the night) he would shake his head back and forth saying no. It was hilarious...just kept saying no.

He's kind of quiet today (literally and physically) he's snuggled most of the morning while we visited Arin and Liam. They were quite funny to watch, just checking each other out Liam kept wanting to tug at his hair...or toupette I should say :)

Oh...and just to prove me wrong...he's creeping today.

February 3rd, 2006

Dear Arin,

Thank you for coming ALL the way to my house to hand deliver my most precious blue doggy. If I could speak I would have thanked you, however you got the next best thing that I know how to do, stick my tongue out at you. I really do love Spunky, and sure I missed him yesterday at the doctors but I still managed to be a good boy without him. Just so you know how much it meant to me, I sucked and chewed on his ears and tail all afternoon long (I had to make up for lost time you see). So thank you again for being my hero today and for understanding his importance to me, only a really good Mommy could understand.

Love & wet kisses,

Kyle Ethan

Dear Kyle:

It was my pleasure to restore Spunky to your loving care. I know that if I left a precious friend like that somewhere, I would want him to come home to me as soon as possible because I would miss him and worry that he would be frightened without me. But I do want you to know that we took very good care of him while he was here, and he told me that he was looking forward to the car ride home to you, and to cuddling with you again.

Love back,


February 6th, 2006

All day again. I remember this whiny thing happening way back before a tooth came in. It's so typical though, signs of teething, no tooth, more signs of teething, no tooth, and even more definite signs of teething, and still no tooth. Let's just say that Mike came home and within 25 minutes he was fed up. Fair enough, long day at work, it just gives you a sense of the crying and demand this baby is putting on us.

Sure his nights are somewhat better, not that we've had to do any systematic ignoring, but because a last nursing at 10 or 11 is usually enough to make him last through till 5 or 6am. I probably would ignore him if the reason wasn't hunger, but I can't let him yell with an empty tummy.

Oh I also wanted to note that Kyle even despite his pissy mood went to the pool yesterday. We expected the worse given his temperament, but it turned out delightfully well! He didn't bawl or whine. The problem in the past (as we thought) was the pool water was way too darn cold. I'm sure if eh could talk he's complain about major shrinkage. The fixed it and he just had a wonderful time, Mike even dunked him under water! Check the cute trunks he's got, sure they go to his ankles when he stands, but he didn't seem to mind at all!

February 13th, 2006

Tomorrow I have a morning rendez vous with the CLSC for babies and nutrition. Should be interesting. My son eats blueberries, chicken, soy cereal and wheat cereal. I know the 3-4 day rule, my grandmother doesn't seem to stress to much over it and next thing I knew my son was eating a new food a day. :) He survived! He's a growing boy with such a big appetite! He's continually eating and can only seem to go a max of 6 hours without food, thus nights suck. Last night I fed him at midnight, 4am and breakfast at 8. We did try to 'ignore' his 4am cries, after 20 minutes though he was still howling. He's eating 1/2 cup of cereal morning and night with fruits, veggies and meat and nursing 3-4 times a day. Isn't that enough for him not to wake up hungry?!?

February 16th, 2006

What does 'wah' mean?

I have no clue what it means. He's obviously trying to talk to me, but 'Wah' doesn't mean anything!!!

Anybody have clues?


February 17th, 2006

I've been quiet. Yes. To be truthful it's been very difficult these past few weeks. He's a great, funny and just the best little thing...if he's in a good mood. But... Just to let me into my world, Kyle's been waking up 2-3 times a night. The worst times, not that there any good ones, but the really hard ones. He's been waking up between 10:45 and 11:45 every night. This is tough because I can't bring myself to go to bed and anticipate the wake up. So I never feel like I go to bed for the night, just naps. So we've been staying up (with good reason I've finished the 1st season and all the extras of Grey's Anatomy in 2 days). I should say I've seen it twice in 2 days, that's more exact. :) Anyways to bed after midnight every night, waking up at 2 or 3, then again maybe at 4, then he's up for good at 6. It's been terribly difficult. Valentine's day was nice, even through the foggy haze that covered my brain, Mike came home to make me supper every night. I just have not been able to think, let alone prepare for supper. On top of it all he's (the baby that is)been so demanding, so whiny, just yelling and screaming at me. For pete's sake I can hear you, I just don't know what you're trying to say!!! No tears, no whine, just yelling out of frustration.

He's getting really good at propping himself on his hands, he's advancing at his own pace, he just refuses to roll over. Damn, the dog rolls over better than him. It's frustrating and I don't know if I should worry. He's strong enough, just won't do it. He does stand on his own now, he can hold onto the sides of the couch or our hands and just stand around. It's cool. He's the coolest little guy...who yells.

I'm tired now, I want a hot bath, I finished making Kyle chicken, here's something interesting, he doesn't like it smooth, my son likes to chew so I have to leave little pieces for him to masticate when I prepare it for him. Funny little dude! I guess the potatoes I made a while back that were chunky now please him :)

February 23rd, 2006

Kyle is 7 months old now and just wonderful. Well sure he's got his moments (don't we all) but overall he's just the cutest little guy! We have bought him a new car seat, it's Cosco Alpha Omega 3-1. We've been pushing it off but the fact his little toes pass the end of his current means we really couldn't wait too much longer. In the store the seat looked so big and I was afraid my son would be lost in such a thing, instead to my surprise Mike put him in is and he sat so well and filled it out nicely. Ack! You know what that means, my mommy vision is all screwed up and my son isn't a baby but is a little boy.'s crazy. I'm happy with this purchase since it's good until he's 80lbs and technically a booster seat as well so we won't need to purchase any others. Not for him anyways...

To mark his 7 months his grandparents got him these Brilliant Baby's First Blocks, a heating plate, an outfit with a vest, and an awesome rain suit. I just can't stomach how quickly it all flies by, these outfits are for little boys, in fact when I went shopping the other day I realized that I no longer go to the baby section, but instead to the boy section to pick outfits. Here's another shocker, can't find any onesies...why would hta be, well he's too big and should now be wearing t-shirts. sigh...I'm going to be the sappiest mother.

His teeth are coming in, we are quite aware of this with all the yelling he's been doing. Bad yelling, screaming in pain, it's been hard to deal with and try to calm him down, but we know it's that. Just pierce already! He's had some decent nights too, sleeping much more, excluding last night where he successfully managed to cry enough that we kept him in bed until morning, that and Mike isn't feeling too shit hot, it was SO much FUN! By 8, he woke up, grabbed my face and squealled. Hopefully tonight will be much better, nursing for 90 minutes straight isn't fun...especially at 2 in the morning and then again at 4.

Our friends noticed the other day that his eyes got a much lighter blue, I hadn't realized but it's true, he's got sparkling light blue eyes. His hair is also coming in nicely and I pretty much have to comb it every day and we also started brushing his 2 teeth which he thoroughly enjoys. He goes crazy in his jolly jumper and we might have to stop him from using it anymore as he figured out how to swing side to side and back and forth. Those 2 clamps just aren't strong enough to hold this kid and we are petrified that they will give under his gymnastics. The thing is we don't have another way for him to do such things. I saw an excersaucer for 50$ at Walmart but it's still so expensive for us.

I don't recall if I mentioned his report card on Sunday at his swimming, it's was such a moment, my son getting a report card for his accomplishments, which were basically how well he lies on his back and that he doesn't spend the entire 30 minutes yelling anymore. :) Probably the fact he's gotten more comfortable with his body and the water is warmer. He can stand on his own and pull himself up to that position, it's so adorable when he's there wiggling his little butt and has the biggest and proudest smile on his face. Ah the things they do that make your heart melt.

February 24th, 2006

Some 7 months pictures that are too cute not to post. I've had one heck of a time trying to add more pictures on his website, the journals are done, but it seems that I've just stopped taking as many pictures as before. These are 2 cute ones that show him recently around 7 months old.

Ignore our *clean* clothes and look at our son in the basket. This is multitasking at it's best, this way baby is entertained by our socks and we get to fold!

After a long 6 hour drive the best thing in the world is washing up! The best place is in grandma's sink that he hardly fits in! The next time we were convinced to use the bathtub where he could splash around!

February 27th, 2006

So Kyle's got his first fever. It sucks for baby and parents. He cried all night long, could not sleep more than 45 minutes at a time, the poor little boy just so miserable. Finally at 5am after being up every 45 min all night long we decided to tuck him into our bed, which means snuggled between a pillow and right under my left arm. This puts Mommy in the middle and Daddy squished to one side. He nursed and then finally fell asleep until 8:45 this morning (which is unheard of for him). The other kids were so wonderful because as we woke up the had made us breakfast in bed, Mike got cereal, I got toast and oatmeal with 2 HUGE glasses of orange juice. We are very fortunate to have such great munchkins.

So on the flip side, the little one is not good in his skin but is thankfully drinking lots of water from his cup on top of nursing frequently. I wasn't going to call the pediatrician, but considering it's his first one when I called to ask if I should bother making an appointment or if I should wait it out a couple of days they were really insistent that we go considering his age. Hoky doky. 3pm it is. It's a low grade fever, hovers between 38C and 39.4C and it started last night. I knew he wasn't feeling well (I assumed those nasty teeth were the cause) and at 10:45 it was confirmed when he woke up yelling and hot. Yes right at the end of Grey's Anatomy! Argh! Thank goodness for VCRs! :)

I'm glad Mike is home this week for March break, I just hear Kyle yelling upstairs, I just know how draining it would have been if I were with 3 kids and alone.

Was she supposed to reassure the first time mother by giving a consult for the Children's hospital so her 7th month old son can have a catheter plugged into him to check for a UTI. Was her saying that it could be roseola or even get this an abnormality in his kidneys that was causing the fever. The reason all this came out was because he was really hasn't had other symptoms. Had it been the common cold with teary eyes, runny nose and sneezing then we would be in the clear, but it's not that. I'm sitting (literally it's in my back pocket) on this consult and if he doesn't his constant crying and yelling we have to rush him to the ER.

Why can't it be his teeth or a damn cold. I would be very content with a nasty cold.

So Mommy is coping the best that she can, Daddy is thankfully home so that we can pass him back and forth trying to comfort this little one from the constant crying. I wish my Mommy radar could know what was troubling my little boy.

I just hope he gets better. Soon.

February 28th, 2006 ~ Happy Birthday to me...not so much

So Kyle' temperature had dropped overnight to 38.2C (with much relief) only to shoot right back up at 9am to 39.4C. He was in a better mood, but now is just gone back to whining and crying. He slept better in 4 hour stretches, but hasn't gotten anywhere. Tempra still, just gave him a lukewarm bath to lots of TLC, but we are lost at what else to do. His gums aren't swollen like everyone suggests they should be if he were teething. sure he's got a mild runny nose (like wipe 4 times a day) but nothing else. We really don't want to go to the hopsital for all those nasty tests. We did agree that if by tomorrow there was no improvement then off we'd go, but I'd rather have my baby better. I always thought the hospital was if something was drastically wrong, non-responsive SUPER high fever and no appetite.

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March 2006

March 1st, 2006

Today can also be considered my birthday ;) and it already seems so much better than the last couple of days.

Kyle Update: for those who are going to kick my ass because we haven't gone to the hospital yet (your leader called me this morning to give me proper hell for still being at home) :)

I can actually take the time to write more details now that our son is better and squeeking away like normal. Last night by 8:30 (exactly 48 hours after the fever started) it broke. Like clockwork. I was on the umpteenth nursing when his body cooled down nice and proper. I have to state that we were giving him 1 more night of sleep to have his body work it out (and also wait atleast 48 hours since it began) before going to the hospital. We were going to go this morning if he still had one that way the other kids could be watched by my inlaws. At any rate his fever broke and considering he had no other symptoms well...he's fine. What was he fighting, who knows. It wasn't a cold or viral with no other signs of sickness. So this morning he's all good, in a good mood, and is eating like a trooper again.

I will state again, we were going to go to the Children's, but by bedtime we weren't worried anymore. I also have to say that were weren't worried UNTIL we went to his pediatrician who put a bunch of nasty scenarios in our head.

Things that reassured us, it wasn't a high fever, only topping 39.4, it was however steady. Not Tempra or Tylenol was moving that sucker down so I figured that his body needed it to fight something. He was eating and nursing frequently and the only things he wasn't fond of was meat or cereal, but his veggies and fruits went down smoothly.

So all in all, who knows what it was. Thank you for all your advice and well wishes, I did read it all, but didn't manage to reply. We appreciate all your experience and are glad to have you supporting us.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes too, I may not have been able to answer all phone call or emails, but by 9:30pm when Kyle was finally asleep I managed to blow out all those candles on the cake that the kids made.

It's funny now, wasn't funny before, but now it's funny. It could be the serious lack of sleep also or the fact we now know what Kyle has. Roseola. What's roseola, a common infantile disease. So common that by the time kindergarden rolls around, most kids have been infected by the virus. It's no fun at all for baby considering it causes irritability. The baby has trouble sleeping (waking up every 15 minutes all night long), is considerably irritable (cranky pants doesn't even get close to describing it), naturally clingy, a fever, swollen eyelids (which he got tonight) and a slight runny nose (like I mentioned in a previous post I think, I had to wipe his nose twice today). Once the fever breaks, then the rash appears. In his case it's a slight rash, and I would have first blamed it on excessive drool, BUT it spread to his waist and back (and my son doesn't drool on his back). The rash is only superficial and doesn't bother the baby at all. Thank goodness for small favors because holding a 20lbs baby for 3 straight days is demanding enough.

So case closed, we can all move on with our lives I can stop annoying all those who read me, but the only thing I can say in my defense, my baby had his first infantile disease, I think I'm entitled to write about it :)

March 2nd, 2006 ~ Spotted Naked Boy

Ah my boy is all spotted this morning. Nice rash on his neck, and trunk (not an elephant trunk but torso!) ;)

Not pretty looking but it could be worse. The thing we are still fighting with is his screwy schedule, lunch and supper times have flown out the window completely it seems and so has going down to sleep all by himself. It will take a couple of regimented days to get back into the swing of things.

March 8th, 2006 ~ Creepy crawlies

Yesterday night about 5 minutes before Mike got home Kyle decided a few things, to crawl and to say Mama. Now he gets around everywhere and grab everything in our non-child proof house and sometimes says 'mama' when he sees me. His inspiration was to get a dog toy about 5 feet away...sigh... he got it.

He also comes out with the occassional 'up' and has his arms stretches out to pick him up. Then in the bath he clued in the splash effect and loved it.

He's a very grabby kid who often whines when he doesn't get his way... the joy ;) He also switches from a fake cough to panting to get our attention.

Now...he's downstairs, crawled off the mats and is on the cold concrete floor. Gotta GO!


This kid crawls across the floor like spiderman scales a wall. Sticky hands and sticky toes and off he goes. with this new found skill he goes for EVERYTHING in his sight now. He even spends his time crawling across me or over me. Explain to him I'm his Mommy and not an obstacle course!!

Another beautiful day for a walk!

March 13th, 2006

I sure hope that saying sticks since it's been 2 successful full nights for Kyle. Down at 7:30 or 8 until 5am for a feed then up at 7:15 for good. It's a good schedule. He's always been great with a routine, in fact I think the days where things just melted down was that I didn't follow HIS routine. The difficult part though at this moment (and it's only a slight inconvenience) is that when it's nap time or bed time we need access to his crib. He sleeps there. The only other option that works is a car ride or in his stroller while walking. So it's a little difficult for things like Wednesday for example when I have a hair dressers appointment at 11am. His nap should be okay, but lunch time is not far behind and how the heck am I going to feed him in while my hair is getting done? Things like Friday we marked the 10th anniversary of our congregration where we got married and Kyle got Baptised it was at 8pm (his bedtime) and no crib in sight. Even with stroller in hand, we had a cranky tired baby and thus had to leave. Yes it sucked, but hey, atleast he's a great kid otherwise so I don't mind if our social life suffers for a while.

Swimming was fantastic yesterday and I have some great pictures to upload and show off! He was in the best of moods. Ever since the crawling thing began his frustration level went way down (THANK GOD!) and now he's in a great mood!

This weekend was extremely productive and exhausting as a result but I have stuff to show for it. 1) 4 shirts and 2 pants from Jacob for my birthday 2)a t-shirt, socks and outfit for my guys. 3) an exersaucer from Kyle's grandparents that we all thoroughly enjoy. 4) cleaned the yard of winter dog stuff, and of excess bird seeds before they hit the lawn. 5) spent all of Saturday outside in the fresh air with my son and husband. 6) had some yummilicious french pasteries with coffee. 7) went grocery shopping. 8) cleaned the house from top to bottom. 9) took Kyle swimming and will register him for the next session but this time at Pointe Claire where they have an actual toddler pool. 10) the laundry is all done

I know I did more, but that alone was accomplished in 1 1/2 days. This morning I finished dusting and sweeping and cleaning the floors. It's only 10am and it's great!

March 16th, 2006

So I'm 3/4 done my spring cleaning. I'm also 1/2 done my house proofing...not that I can ever fully be house proofed, nor do I want to, I just had to take away and move some dangerous things, or things that caught his attention (like the gamecube wires).

This little guy keeps me on my toes that's for sure. He's not even walking and those who watch him say he's got a firecraker up his a$$. Not even a week into mobility and he darts around the rooms and is constantly harassing the dog. He spends as much time in her cushy basket as she does...and sometimes it's together. His biggest burst of energy is the morning, I can hardly keep him in his high chair to eat as he's itching to get a move on. We call him 'wiggly worm' as he can't sit still!

So the only things left is wash the floors, and clean the windows. The thing that might slow me down is that I pulled a muscle in my knee today. Bleh.

We went out for a walk today, I'm really looking forward to warmer weather when the neighbours start poking their heads out. Kyle being born in late July didn't give us many occassions to go outside with him, the rare evening on our patio, and even then. Now he's older it's SO much easier to go out. In his snow suit I didn't even strap him in the stroller I just carried him around the block in my arms. There's something so sweet and close to hold your bundled boy in your arms while he discovers the world around him. My backyard neighbour did a double take when he saw him, the last time they got a glimpse of him he was 2 weeks old!

March 21st, 2006

I had a nice weekend, nice supper with friends, productive weekend at home, nice time with kids, and now we are tuesday. Went to the ped yesterday with Kyle who was rubbing his ears this weekend...teething. No infection yay! Mike and I are burnt, the kind of eyes closing while you drive tired. So I guess that falls under exhausted. Kyle has been waking up screaming at night...again. and again. and again. My head is so heavy it threatens to fall right off my shoulders. Ofcourse being in this condition I drove today. Registered for swimming, and Kyle got down right spoiled by his Auntie Sylvie! A bunch of outfits and even a new pair of size 4 shoes! When did he get to size 4?!?! Now the little wiggly pants hasn't napped all afternoon and mommy is wiped. By 9am I had made 3 batches of food for him and last night we made food for 3 hours. I realize that he eats a TON. A small improvement, he took 3 sips of milk from a sippy cup. :)

What I would give to sleep. Anyone want to watch him for awhile?

Going to have a play date on Thursday and again on Saturday. It's good to socialize my little Mama's boy ;)

March 22nd, 2006

They're not suade, or entirely blue... but Kyle's first shoes. I haven't really ever forced the shoe or slipper thing on him as I'm a fond believer that babies need to sense things with their toes and learn balance much quicker that way. Since we now have the toddler car seat and snow suit days are coming to an end, the kid needs shoes! :) We've been holding him in our arms at the stores for a while, and even had him sit in the carriage at IGA and all this time I was wondering why he looked missing - it was shoes. :) Duh.

So with his spring jacket&pants courtesy Grandma and Grandpapa he also has shoes and is ready to go out on the town.

Question for all those mommies who have BF, it's been weeks (if not months) that I have a terrible ache in my chest. Not inside like a cold, but more muscular all along my chest plate. It hurts with every breath I take. I've tried massages (thanks hun!) and stretching but it hurts way too much to touch. Anyone encounter this problem? It sometimes radiates right under my arm and all around my rib cage. I haven't said anything in hopes it'll go away, but it's still there. I gets so much worse and I wonder if it has to do with lifting Kyle in his old car seat and fighting to get it in a 2 door. I also wonder if it has to do with posture (or lack of it when I BF) I've tried different positions and chairs but nothing seems to help. I know that I'm looking forward to May when I can go get a professional massage, hopefully that will ease this pain.

Fascinated by Casey's water bowl (the fun of cleaning that up!) wires, air vents, weight lifting set downstairs, DVD boxes, did I mention wires? He's intrigued by boxes, plastic bags, shoes and boots more like the laces he can suck on, our PJ pants draw strings, if it's got a cord, he will get it and suck up.

This morning it was up and at 'em at 6:25 when I took him out of his crib and went straight for the outlet. So I dashed after him all cross eyed and fuzzy brained to save the little fingers from entering plug. This is how my days begin, giving his mother a heartattack first thing in the morning.

Oh God, I just realized that he's 8 months old today. Like right now. Here I am writing about him and it registers that the little critter is 8 months today. Oh how guilty that I haven't written him a letter or put something together for him today. No wonder we celebrate the years too damn hard to remember the months. What A scatterbrain I've become.

March 27th, 2006

My weekend went "somewhat" like this, got together with friends and my men got their hair cut. That's right Kyle got his first hair cut, it was expected with his bangs poking his eyes. So Daddy held him while Mommy caught the hair that Diane our hairdresser cut. Diane gave me my first hair cut too, so it was a nice heartwarming full circle moment wouldn't you say? Kyle got to see many new people all weekend long and behaved fantastically! We were busy all weekend long, but Sunday the busiest with Kyle's last swimming class and all, next weekend is Pointe Claire time. Oh, I think Kyle lost weight...I weighed him fully clothed on our scale and it's down to 18lbs. This worries me. He's SUPER active, and not nursing frequently enough.

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April 2006

April 5th, 2006

My baby's bum is blistered. It's horrendously painful. Caused by...who knows. This morning's diaper change left me panicky. I quickly took him (the poor guy was wailing) and got in the bath with him. We sat in warm water with lots of soap and bubbles. It seemed to help (considering he loves loves loves bath time!) He didn't eat all night, at 11:30 woke up and wailed, and wailed, and wailed. We felt so utterly helpless. Tried BF, BM, a bottle, a cup, he wanted nothing to do with anything. Cue in the Tempra..nothing...then ambesol...nothing... then gripe water. Yay to the latter, it seemed to cause him to settle whatever he had going on. That was after 30 minutes of bawling. AT 4am he woke up again but fell back to sleep on his own, then at 5:30 he was crying again (oh God I didn't want to go through that again) so I got up and tried once more to nurse him and he finally took. Thank ye Gods. It had to be the nicest thing in the world. Not a bite, not even a nibble or a squeeze. I put him back to bed hoping that he would get more shut eye (and me too) but no such luck. So we went down for breakfast of cereal mixed with formula (which I tried yesterday and he loves it) I will probably continue with it since he'll get more liquid intake that way. In fact the CLSC nurse gave me wonderful idea of mixing formula with BM. I didn't think it was something we could do but after this morning, he took to it! I can use atleast some of my frozen milk! Yay!! Of course it comes at a time that I am replacing his night cereal for meat. But better late than never!

On top of all that, my dog seems to have a bloody fixation on one of Kyle's red blocks. The little twirp chewed on it yesterday and after proper discipline left it alone..until this morning. Not once since Kyle's been around that she's touched any of his toys, and out of the blue she takes to this 1 red rolling plastic block. Again, something I just don't understand.

Alright, another 2 1/2 hour nap under his belt, he should be in a good mood now. I love that he'll go down for anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours morning and afternoon. It really does him some good.

I'm done making huge batches of fruit for Kyle, we were down to our last homemade jar of pears. Phew, that was cutting it close! So now he's got cantalope, pears, peaches, apples and a fruit salad mix. Unfortunately I had to dump the nectarines as they wre bad inside (don't you hate it when that happens!) I love the 4oz jars that I keep, I just make whatever and shove it right back into the freezer, no more counting 3 or 4 cubes of food. I didn't mention a situation of last weekend, I was at Maxi doing some groceries when I stopped in the baby section to look at what they had to offer (no much I may add). Now as I was looking at the different jars of food for ideas on what to make Kyle another mom with her (around) 2 ear old son, the little boy says in french "can I some of this too" pointing to the jarred baby food on the shelf, and then I couldn't believe my ears without a word of exageration "no, that food is for babies who's mommies don't love them. I love you so much that I had never bought you food like that." Did I mention I couldn't believe my ears! So there I stood in front of the shelves and the little boy looking at the 1 jar I had finally picked up (lamb, since I don't make it myself) and I felt like pounding the crap out of the woman. Who tells that to her kid, she could have simply said 'no you're a big boy now' or 'no I make your food' without adding the mommies who don't love their babies. I was in shock until Mike came over to ask about my jaw that was on the ground.

Now I can get some time to myself as he's down for another nap. Today is much better, his bottom is still horrible, but his mood is much better. Thanks for asking.

April 6th, 2006


I mean... nursing strike.

This has to be by far the crappiest mood Kyle's ever been in. On top of that, he's not nursing. Very unlike Kyle. He's been yelling and just visibly upset at something, he's Tempra'd and Ambesol(sp?) but I have not been able to nurse him since yesterday 4pm. I was able to at 4am this morning but endured 18 bites as a result...but he nursed. I basically crawled back to bed extremely irritated by the biting said something along the lines that the little shit bit me. Then I was painfully engorged he refused all morning, afternoon and he still is refusing to feed. Add also that I got a blocked duct so my boob was terribly aching. I give it to him, the poor guy doesn't know what he wants, he lunges for my shirt then pushes me away crying. Needless to say today has sucked beyond belief.

I even called info-sante for advice about milk, they suggested to wait 2 days that he should come around. Nursing strikes are caused by anything for teething to the unknown and she warned me that I may never know what caused it. She was extremely helpful. If he develops a fever or stops eating altogether then to contact the pediatrician. I feel so damn lonely, like I'm the only mom to experience this becuase none of the women I talk to had it happen to them.

I am also severly PMSing on top of it. My house is a mess since I have literally held him all day and I haven't eaten anything since toast this morning. Add also to my miserable irritability that I feel rejected from my son, which is ridiculous I know, but that's how I feel. I never pictured not being able to nurse him and here I am just falling apart because the little guy wants nothing to do with me. ARGH.

So we have tried giving him BM, no go, bought formula, no go, he maybe took 2 oz in all. He is eating solid food, but nowhere the amount he should be...and considering milk is their main diet for the first year, he is lacking. I did have a box of 'add formula cereal' in the pantry, he thankfully ate enough to take 5oz of milk mixed in. Now...he's yelling and crying.

April 7th, 2006

Things are better, but breakfast has been challenging, he's refusing to eat his cereal. What the boy wants is the toast that I eat. In fact anything on a spoon has been pushed away recently and he's only wanting finger foods. This makes life somewhat more complicated. So I gave him some of my vegetables from the soup I was having yesterday and some pear slices that I had. But yogurt, apple sauce, or meat puree seems to be on hold for now.

All in all though our household is happy again. Getting ready for spring is fun (if the weather would improve). I have to start buying a couple of summer outfits for him. Mainly shorts. He's got a ton of t-shirts, but I would love to get a few nicer outfits.

Also on our list of things to get are baby gates. The boy scoots around and I would love to be reassured that the stairs are blocked. It would also be great to keep him limited to one room at times. He's got this thing of going exactly where I'm not. I'll be cooking he'll be crawling to the living to explore, I'll move to the living room and he'll be heading for the kitchen. Can you see how complicated his 'Exploring' can get? Even though with everything that goes on, he's still the most adorable thing. Such a flirt too! Oh I must also say that he's been doing his nights (more or less) and that he's taking anywhere from 2-3 naps a day. This allows me to...write and clean up! :)

One thing that has been getting annoying is the standard question. The 'when are you getting married?' and once your there, 'when are you having children?' and when he's born "when are you going back to work?" and then "when are you having the next baby?" ARGH! So right now it's the going back to work, since he's been a month old that question keeps popping up. I'm sooooo sick of hearing it. When? Who knows, I'm scheduled back in July. That's all I know for now. So please don't ask me and let me enjoy my last 4 months home with my wonderful baby.

April 11th, 2006

Mornings are pretty cool in our house. Kyle and I have our breakfast, I have a coffee, and orange juice and toast, while he has his fruit, and cereal...and whatever I have. He eats almost everything that I do know. It's no longer a race to eat with him and he'll take his sweet time in the morning. We'll eat for almost an hour now. It's longer since he insists on feeding himself everything, including with the spoon. By the time we are done, there's food everywhere and he's quite the mess. I really don't mind, he learns that way!

April 17th, 2006

Kyle has been nursing more because he's teething. His gums are uber swollen and when I got home from work yesterday his proud papa announced to me he has another one! Yay...but wait...Mom can't seem to find that said tooth. In fact Grandpa can't find said tooth, and when Dad checks, it seems to have gone. :)

April 19th, 2006

Baby update: He'll be 9 months this weekend. That special 9 month mark. I love this little guy so much and everything he does (well minus the yelling) :) His favorite new move, pulling himself up on various furniture pieces, or going from his tummy to sitting and vice versa. I think if anything has given him more mobility has been that, not being stuck on his tummy while crawling. The thing he still does not do is roll over though! The kid will walk before doing that! When he's stuck on his back he just cries there, there's only a handful of times that he's actually flipped himself over. It's just so rare. Remember that tooth, well I see the white point on his gums, it just hasn't pierced yet since it doesn't prick yet. It can't be far off though if we see it!

April 21st, 2006

I'm so fed up. I've had to literally hold Kyle all day long and even when I did he still cried. *Slams head on desk repeatedly* I'm patient but up to a certain point. It's not like holding a baby who gets comforted in your arms, it's dealing with a baby who is crawling all over you, standing on you, spitting on you who won't sit still for 5 damn minutes, who is squirming and flapping you with legs and arms and who insists on still yelling as loud as he can and crying in your face. So before I totally lost my cool with him (alright I admit he pushed my last button when he flung the green beans across the room and had his umpteeth tantrum)I put him in his crib where he shall stay until Mike gets home in 15 minutes. I'm going to go outside and try to let some of the steam escape from my head.

Today was ridiculous. I hate days like this with him. Needless to say I'm glad I'm going to work tonight, I rather deal with the awful pain in my back and legs then with Kyle right now. I also know it's normal for Moms to gets so ticked but honestly he knows how to push my buttons and it drives me up the flippin' wall.

I don't hear him wailing so hopefully (cross your fingers) he's taking a nap.

nevermind, he's awake. I'm going outside.

April 25th, 2006

I had a successful IKEA run yesterday! I was glad to have gone with my friend Shera and her son Nicolas, he's just a great baby! The one thing I seem to have trouble with is the last 10 minutes of a store. Like in IKEA I always miss the frames and plant section because I boot it to the cash to pay while Kyle completely breaks down. Same thing in IGA, it just really sucks that he won't fall asleep in his stroller. Well, he will with my parents, but has yet to do it with us. Anyways shopping usually gets stressful at that point and we end up leaving. I should probably go out more often so he gets the hang of it, but I was never a mall mommy. Maybe I would be if I had someone to go with, not counting baby that is :) Now I should probably take advantage of Kyle's nap to sleep myself. But first I have to say that I was priviledged with the most wonderful cuddles and snuggles last night. First my puppy slept all curled up against my chest, and then after we went to bed within minutes Kyle was crying, I had Mike try to comfort him first but after 15 minutes of him singing 'love me tender' and Kyle still bawling I went in to try. But instead of nursing him like I have always done I hugged him and rubbed his back and whispered 'shhh' 'shhh' in his ear when he got into a ball like a newborn tummy against me, my hand under his bum and he fell asleep against my chest. I think he was 2 days old the last time he did that. The difference this time was that he was so much bigger! In fact what got me all choked up was that he turned 9 months and it was almost like I was holding him for the first time. It felt like I waited another 9 months to hold him that way and it was wonderful. Okay got myself all teary again, time to go.

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May 2006

May 2nd, 2006

Long time I haven't updated. So many new things for Kyle it's crazy, like he pierced 2 new teeth this past weekend, bumping him up to 4 now. As a result most of the weekend was spent crying and not sleeping and was REALLY tough. Add to the fact Melyssa came over and infected us with bad sinus infection, so not only are we tired but snot faced as well. It's a really pretty sight. On Saturday our little 9 month old guy learned how to climb stairs (14 steps to be exact) It took him all of 90 seconds to figure it out. (Bright little guy he is).

He also waved Bye Bye and cut his first tooth. What a big day.

Yesterday I was even more screwed up with a migraine and extreme sleep deprivation that I passed out on the couch mid day and had to take a couple of Advils to clear up my head (which it kind of did in a numb sort of way). Finally by last night Kyle was in a better mood and had another tooth to show for it. I tell you, when the boy wakes up at 5am and doesn't go back to sleep until 11pm it's a rough day. Especially since it's filled with wailing.

We also went for his 9 month check up, things are okay, the doctor was extremely impressed at his mobility, the fact he pulls himself up, crawls and climbs stairs, he's way advanced for his age in that. Verbally, the fact he just doesn't shut up is fantastic, but in the growth area he took a mighty hit.

He hardly grew in the past 3 months (despite out growing PJs) and for his weight...he dropped. I was right. So not only did he not gain weight in 3 months, he lost some from the previous time. He's at 8.6kg and dropped to the 25th percentile. For those with quick math it's 18lbs where he was at 20lbs. She's not too concerned for now considering his activity, but a new diet of cereal 3 times a day, meat twice a day and snacks whenever he wants is in order. I'm also trying to wean him from the midday nursing, so we are only to offer him formula during the day.

What else in the Kyle department, he can put objects in their holes, he's figuring how to put things together like tupperware and other stuff. A real little engineer we've got on our hands, it's so awesome to see his wheels turning.

May 3rd, 2006

Kyle is in a great mood today! YAY! First time in weeks! We even had a great lunch! YAY first time in months! He ate some cereal, veal stew, cheese and apple/mango sauce! He didn't pull a fit or a tantrum either for the whole thing 'thank god!"

May 10th, 2006

More teeth coming in, they haven't pierced yet, but any day now. That would bring him up to 6 in all with 4 top and those 2 chompers at the bottom that he's had forever now!

Weaning is successful. It's only partial but let us all do a yay! dance that he takes bottles now. I think it's a combination of me being at work and not around, to spending quality time with 'papa' that he's taken to it. Last night before bed I started to nurse (wanted to keep morning and night) but he refused and bit me (with all those sharp teeth) so I gave him a bottle, he downed 2 of them. It was the first time he took a bottle at that time but it was wonderful for him and for me to get to spend the time bonding with him without nursing. This morning I nursed again and I think it will be it, only once a day. My supply went down so I really can't give him what he needs (his weight loss proves it). I hope that he's gained in the last little while.

Kyle had an awesome day with Auntie Sylvie yesterday, they giggled and squeeled ALL afternoon long. Kyle sang to her, showed her how he can go up to his room climbing all the stairs, showed her how he can stand and walk holding her hand. How well he can work the VCR and DVD, how remotes are WAY cool, how he can stand up against the patio door and look outside and wave to the neighbour (and kiss the window is a given). Then we made a Walmart run to get an emergency baby gate for the top of the stairs.

Oh ya, he also loves trying to play in the toilet...that's right splish splash in the clean cold water. We have to do something about that. He was very considerate this morning when he went ahead to dump the water bowl, he saw mommy very upset at having to clean up the floor yesterday, so this morning he dumped it on the carpet so no water got on the floor and he still got to play. What a considerate little man. :) His new favorite toy has to be our stereo. They joy of him turning the volume too loud and scaring himself. The joy of little fingers everywhere they shouldn't be. Sure he understands 'NO' but just doesn't follow through all the time.

Yesterday he had his first barbecue (not ours for the year, had that weeks ago!) but he had BBQ this time and loved it.

Today I invited a bunch of mommies over for a play date, we were invited to one on Saturday, but I was working, so I am having another today instead.

May 11th, 2006

Kyle's tootsies are FILTHY! We did some barefoot grass walking today and the toes are dirrrrty! I've been getting some slack form people whom shall remain nameless for not taking walks with my baby stroller style. I have insisted that I am not a walking mom that any time we do go is as a family. Instead we spend our days playing and crawling around the backyard. I let the 2 of them (baby and dog) go and it's way more fun than walking. Kyle usually helps Mike and I weed by picking the tops off the weeds, but then acts all european and eats the darn things! So we spent the morning in the grass with lots of grass stains and dirty body parts as he scoots around the yard. Did I mention we'll be glad when the fence comes in...TOMORROW! ACK, made a date with a friend tomorrow, maybe we'll keep an eye on the men at work and ensure they aren't screwing anything up.

So tonight when I go to work Kyle is being watched by grandma. That should go well (as long as they don't get on each other's nerves). They seem to really go at it and it makes everyone laugh except them. We ony assume it's this way because they are the same horoscope -traditional and chinese. I personally think it's because they both want it "THEIR" way or no way. Mom tries to impose her way on Kyle and he won't let her. It turns out to be the war of wills.

May 15th 2006 ~ Mother's Day

I got spoiled from my wonderful husband and children. I gots me an MP3 player! Yippee! I've wanted one for sooooo long and they completely surprised me with one! So I've spent my time uploading all the GA songs and anyone who is a fan would love my tunes. :) I also got breakfast in bed, a clay snail that Melyssa made me and a spider plant from James (which was beat up in a boyish type of way- but still alive).

Thankfully Kyle slept through, my boys today were fighting a gastro. My boys were not in good shape at all. The amount of dirty diapers that were changed today, he even managed to stink me out. I was feeling just woozy all day so the diaper duty went to Mike. I've never had to do that before and I think I just had a mild case, whereas my boys were ... crappy. (excuse the pun).

In fact we had a minor scare tonight when Mike was giving him his evening bottle before bed and Kyle threw up all over him...twice. So after a swift bed change, PJ change, clothes change for Mike, Kyle settled down for bed and thankfully has been good since. Hopefully that was the last of the bug. It lasts 24 hours - my sister had it too.

May 16th 2006 ~ The end is near

Kyle rocks. I mean we are so close. It's so bittersweet. He had 2 1/2 bottles today. I'm only nursing him in the mornings now. It's an awesome freedom, yet so much more planning and preparing of bottles throughout the day. We only have 3 and I find myself constantly washing and rinsing them. Not only did he take those bottles, he had it in his morning cereal as well.

I can definately tell a difference in his weight again, I see it in the baby belly, I can feel it in my arms. He's going back up (thank god). But as we are all celebrating the healthy baby, the accepting of bottles, the sleeping through the nights, the growing up, I'm missing the breastfeeding. It went so quickly from a million times a day, to 6 times, to 4 times, to 2 times and now only 1 time and I don't think I'll be able to maintain it much longer. I knew it was coming, and it's a good thing, he needed the nourishment and seperation, but I miss it. What exactly I can't even tell you, I have no clue. What is there that I crave to keep. It's almost like a drug, and nursing him gives me my fix of something, it's physical as well as emotional, but what it is... I don't know.

So there you have it, he's almost weaned, he'll be 10 months in a week, he's not even gone yet and I miss him.

May 18th 2006

That makes 6 in all. 4 in 10 days, go boy! That should be it for awhile, I don't see signs of the others.

He's in this stage now of not wanting to eat his food but rather ours on our plate with our utensils. sigh...this makes for difficult meals since it's a fight to get his stuff in his mouth. Unless it's ofcourse finger foods, which thankfully he's been eating for about a month now. So most of his veggies and fruits he eats on his own while we try to sneak in his food between bites. The other night he indulged in our lasagna, the other night was ice cream cake, yesterday our rice. The mornings he takes my breakfast, croissants, toast, even cereal he tries to dip his fingers in. He also refuses to eat anything that we serve for him, even if it's the same thing I have, example yogurt. It's normal I assume, sometimes really cute, but gone are the days of making him his meal without a fight. Also are gone are the times that he would keep food for himself, he constantly tries to shove things in our mouths, heck even the dog gets the occassional offering of food. The thing is that he holds it out and as you try to take a bite, he pulls it back and laughs. Funny guy. :) Oh and good news on the banana front he can now eat them without any reaction! Yay! Too a few months, but now I give him slices of bananas and he just shoves them in and demands more! :)

Let's see what else has he done, well the other day he found my shampoo bottle and shoved it in the toilet, looks like somkone was trying to play boat, or mistook it for the garbage. We now keep the lid down. The thing is that he stands most of the day now, so I run after him as he puts his fingers in the dirt of my plants, climbs up the bloody stairs, plays with my stereo and TV. So everything we baby proofed awhile back at ankle level has been brought up to waist level because the little squirt gets on his tippy toes and reaches. It won't be long before he walks, like I said he barely needs a wall or a door to stand up and hold onto. I personally think it's early, heck he's not even 10 months! But here's the funniest thing, he still won't roll over. He's like a turtle on his back! So if I need to keep him in 1 place, out him like that and I'm good, minus the wrestling match that ensues. Then again he knows how, he spends his time in the crib with his toes between the bars, almost flipped over, all he needs is a gentle pat on the bottom to flip him. He's just a funny thing.

Oh I guess I haven't mentioned the grinding teeth. Dear lord, it's horrible. Drives me insane, that and his imitation of a monkey, with short loud bursts of 'AH' 'AH' 'AH', he sounds like a chimp. It's funny how he does certain things that just gets right under my skin. I guess he already knows how to push my bottons.

Yesterday we went to Fairview with a really good friend and her baby boy and it was awesome. The boys were so well behaved, sharing juice and milk, cheerios and pizza. Ty was tired and slept, while Kyle looked around the entire time. Went to see toys, and animals and got a couple of things for him, socks, a pair of jeans and a summer jacket that was on special for 20$ at Gap. Now his grandmother is getting him an umbrella stroller that's on special at Zellers tomorrow, 15$.

To get back to the boys, they get along well too, they talk and smile at each other. The fact that they have similar features, light hair and bright blue eyes we had one woman asked if they were brothers - duh. Anways my point (yes I have one) it's just amazing to see that they do recognize each other. It's really cute.

This Sunday is Ty's birthday, Kyle is going with Mike while I work :p A part of me really wants to take the day off. In fact it's something that came up since Kyle will be 1 in a couple of months and his party will be on the actual Saturday. Normally I feel loyal enough to the company to work, but honestly for what I'm doing I'm taking the day whether they like it or not. Speaking of which, I guess I have to start thinking about invitations to send out in June. I've (I should say Kyle) already received invites for 1st birthdays in JUNE! Sheesh. That's too official for me.

They are popping like popcorn!

oh... and another freakin' tooth. Can anyone understand the mood he's in? Bottom right.


May 19th 2006

When you hear splish splish splish what do you first think? a) dog drinking water b) birds splashing in a puddle or c) baby fingers in toilet bowl

What do you think? Today Kyle is unbearably cute. I mean really. He is talking and found more sounds to make involving ga, la, ba, ma, pa, ra, and any combination of them bala, gama, just babble babble babble. :) He's in an awesome mood, given that he had 3 teeth in 2 days, and 5 teeth in 2 weeks, give the kid a break! A few weeks back he only had 2 bottom ones.

So in all today with Kyle rocks, the kind of awesome that makes me tear up when I have to leave for work tonight. The kind that breaks my heart when I don't get to be around him. He's just adorable, I was folding his clothes and attempting to make room for them when he crawled over to me, and ran right into me to give me a kiss. It then resulted in a tickling match with many kisses and laughs, he would just keep climbing me to kiss me (or bite, since he took a nice chunk in my chin) :) I know there was so much more to say...oh well, for another time!

May 21st 2006

and another... another what you ask...tooth that is. Kyle's got 8 now. 3 weeks ago today exactly he had 2. 21 days later, 6 more. That's teething for you!

Happy 1st Birthday to Ty, Kyle's friend. We went to the party and cookie monster was there to dance and sing! I only got to show up mid way since I was working. the DOWNPOUR. 45 minutes outside and I was wet like I took a shower. Had water dripping off my nose, down my back, my underwear were wet and my hair looked like it was just washed. I was about to walk home (yes in the downpour) but had a friend give me a lift home. Then my dad picked me up and brought me to the party. Kyle seemed to have a fun time, seeing his friends, signing happy birthday and crawling around the gym area. His favorite thing by far was the balloons. He brought one home and is in love with it! :) So much happiness from 1 little thing!

May 23rd 2006

*snooze* So tired. Kyle was up at 4:30 for good. I imagine it's the teeth screwing him all up. He keeps crying. He also wants to nurse...but that factory is pretty much closed. Saturday was the first time I didn't nurse him all day. I didn't wake up the next day engorged either, so that means that the days are ending. The thing is that he just keeps grabbing at me and looking for comfort. Sheesh...Bad timing! His appetite stinks, he hardly eats anything at all anymore. Well not true, he won't eat anything "baby". He'll eat the food off our plate though. We just don't eat properly enough for Kyle to follow our schedule. I don't have veggies lunch and supper. As for meats, it's a challenge getting anything in. Sandwiches doesn't cut it and I don't see myself making 3 hot meals a day. It's pretty frustrating actually when meal time comes knowing full well that he's happy with cheese, a few pears slices and some bread. The cereal and warm meal be it veal stew, chicken caccitore, or cabage rolls just goes to waste everytime. Is it teeth or is it picky? Who knows. And how long will it last?

EDIT: Ofcourse all it took was for me to say he doesnt' eat. :) I served him the 12month heinz stuff and he gobbled it all up! The entire 7.5oz jar, plus a container of apple-blueberry sauce. Oh, and cheese. While he ate, he fed me cheerios that he didn't want. I asked him if I underestimated him by giving him baby food still and he laughed at me. There you have it, baby food is out!

Oh I also had to feed him with a regular spoon and fork, plastic utensils are out too!

I've been told!

May 24th 2006

Kyle had his friend Ty over today, the thing is that Kyle usually ends up sleeping through the date. Good for us, kind of anti social for the guests though. :) It's so funny to see the 2 get along and laugh at each other, helps also that the moms are in good company.

Tonight I have a conference for BF mothers. You see I decided to give back and become a godmother myself and hopefully help another mom out. I surely appreciated the guidance and shoulder to talk to when times were tough. So tonight I think it's an information and training session. I'm sure it'll be alright. It's ironic though that I start tonight when I have just fully weaned Kyle. Again 2nd day no nursing and I don't miss it abit. The way I look at it, I gave him 10months in my body and 10 months out. That's over a year and a half. I just want MY body to be MINE! :)

My neighbor just gave birth 2 days ago, saw the little boy, so tiny at 6lbs. I think I might make them some food. They are after all alone here, no family or friends. I would appreciate it in their place.

May 29th 2006

1st Bruiser

My boy got himself a nice shinner on his upper cheek yesterday. Smacked his cheek into a metal bar of the swing. I'm surprised that's all he's gotten over the past 2 days with all the bumps and falls he's taken. Even this morning he smacked his head so hard I checked for blood. So he looks all beat up. These first steps thing are evil for them. They tumble and cry, fall over, smack into various objects. sigh...

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June 2006

June 7th, 2006

Kyle has been saying up up up all day. He knows what it means and INSISTS on getting it his way. UP the stairs, UP on the counter, UP on the table, UP on the couch, UP in bed. UP UP UP.

June 7th, 2006

Tough couple of days. Kyle's sick. Had a fever for 36 hours, very clingy baby, which meant that Saturday night was spent holding him. That's right, ALL NIGHT LONG. I took the afternoon to midnight shift, Mike took the midnight to 7am shift. We held him, rocked him, anything. He "had" to lie on us. Tough long night indeed. He was so tired but just so miserable. Day after he was somewhat better with still a fever though. It broke late afternoon but something was still off. He still hadn't slept, no naps nothing. (This makes for very long days). He finally went to bed that night after crying himself to sleep past 9pm. He did only wake up at 8:20 today (a very rare occurance), however, naps were tough, appetite null (except for about a dozen grapes that he had and shared aka.fed about 1/4 of them with Mama and Papa), threw up once at lunch time and has a raspy voice now. He's fighting something I gather, we'll keep an eye on him, see if anything else happens. Hopefully the throwing up and diaper disasters we had today means it's clearing his system.

Here I am, it's midnight, we are lying in the dark, he's been on me for about 8 hours straight now. This was they only way to make it through the night.

BUT here's the hellish part. He rolls over now - very easily I must add, like he's been doing it all his life. Which makes bedtime and diaper time completely different. Instead of staying on him back, he rolls over and crawls away (diaper change) OR stands up in his crib yelling and crying. HOW many times do we have to go back in tuck him back in before he falls asleep? This SUCKS. He was SO SO SO good, and from one day to the next it's past 9pm and he's still wanting to play and refusing to sleep. It's SO draining putting him to bed.

Well in other Kyle related news, he's figured out how to go down a stair or two. Backwards and all. Smart cookie he is! He also occassionaly blows kisses, regularly claps his hands when he dances (and sings) and ALWAYS waves bye bye! Bye Bye to the baby in the mirror, bye bye to the chicken he's about to eat, bye bye to the toothbrush, bye bye to people, heck, it's so frequent we can consider it being "hello!" as well! :) He does it with the left, or the right hand, or when he's really happy BOTH! :)

He will also flush toilets given the chance. Didn't teach him that, but caught on I guess. He got a splinter in his foot the other day from crawling around the deck, thankfully I got it out without too much hassle.

June 13th, 2006

All his life Kyle's slept on his back. Not once has he fallen asleep on his tummy. He never rolled over during the night (or rolled over at all that is), he never liked being put on his tummy either. Last night with all the fussing to bed and standing up and sitting there in his crib playing with his dou-douce he must have crumbled at one point and fallen asleep on his tummy. It was SO adorable. 10 1/2 months old and curled up with his blanket under his arm for the first time. The thing is that about 90 minutes later he flipped over, smacked into the side of the crib and scared himself. Duh.

This morning I just put him down for a nap, down being the operative word, it's more like in the crib. I peeked in and saw him sitting there looking at all the angels in his room. Wondering how the heck will he EVER take a nap without being on his back, I looked in 10 minutes later and sure enough sprawled on his tummy he's asleep!


We kept going in trying to put him on his back only to endure more wailing. My mom told me that I should let him be and he will go down on his own and if I keep going in every time he sits up he'll think of it like a game. Makes sense.

I just have to get used to this new routine.

Breakfast this morning was better, had cereal, yogurt and kiwis. I discovered that he adores peach yogurt more than strawberry, must go get some.

June 14th, 2006

Kyle this morning woke up way too early, the cute part was that he cuddled on me in bed and fell asleep against my chest as I hummed to him. Didn't last long, but enough for me to enjoy the moment of sun pouring into our room, birds chirping and my son snuggling me.

June 15th, 2006

I have my interview this morning. Can't say I'm too thrilled about it. In fact it's quite disruptive of my daily routine. I knew work was a change of pace, but people, do you realize you shift into another reality when rushing for work. Life no longer belongs to you. I know I have to go back. Right now I resent all those Mommies I've met over the past year who are sitting at home and not returning to work. I hate the fact I have to leave my little guy. Thankfully this morning my sister's boyfriend was free to watch him for the time I'm gone. I'm really trying to keep an open mind, but I'm still very skeptical about this whole thing. To add, Kyle's been up since God knows when, didn't go to bed until God knows when and has been crying constantly sicne God knows when. He just now cried himself to sleep as I fought to get ready. Kudos to working Moms who have to get all professional with a kid hanging off them. It's SO hard to do. I have tears in my eyes.

June 18th, 2006

Happy Dad's Day to all those men who have changed diapers at one time or another!

Special wishes to the Father of my son and of my 2 step children, and of course none of that would have happened if my own Dad wasn't around!

I have already begun spoiling the Dads in my life by treating them (and my Mom) to Cora's. My parents went home with Kyle so that I can spend some time at the movies with Mike later on. Can you believe it, 3 hours of just us time. I'm so not used to it, I'm almost bored not running after the wee-one. :)

June 19th, 2006

Had a simply wonderful day yesterday. Best Day we've had in ages together. Mike got completely spoiled by Kyle and I, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Got to celebrate Father's Day in style, the way any deserving father should be treated. I'd even say it was the best Father's Day he's ever had.

Well today is much quieter and more relaxed, Kyle is wonderful, he slept in, was in a terrific mood, ate breakfast without even one whine! When down for a nap without a whimper. It's all good so far!

But boy it's hot and sticky! It stayed at 28C in our bedroom over night. Thankfully the wind has picked up and they are announcing rain and hail this afternoon, it will hopefully cool this house down! Kyle seems to be putting up with it rather well, he's like a pig in mud because he's only wearing a diaper!

Speaking of him, he started doing this funny clicking tongue thing. He just clicks away, it's really hilarious! He feeds himself exceptionally well with a spoon, drinks out of regular glasses, waves and clap his hands and still talks away. With "Up Mama" or Up "Papa" depending on who is there. "Bye" while he waves of "Hey" will even come out. He can occassionaly say his name, but it doesn't come out very often. If he can't grasp the sounds he repeats the exact number of syllables, like grand papa is 'papapa' while papa is just 'papa'. He repeats full sentences this way as well. We end up holding very elaborate conversations with each other. I must say I'm really impressed with his words, I wasn't expecting him to talk somewhat coherently for quite a while. All the moms I know are talking about signing and pushing it on me, but the way I look at it is if Kyle's able to say it, then why. Sure there is a vast number of things he won't get to but the basic he will catch on rather quickly from what I can see. I know this might open a whole can of worms with the moms who swear by it, but why depend on it when we can teach him to say it.

That's just my opinion and I'm entitled to it.

He's also pretty good at standing on his own, we foresee his first steps rather soon. Not that he needs it at the speed he gets around. I'm somewhat fortunate to have been goalie for 15 years that I can 'save' and 'dive' to get to him. He goes faster on his little toes and hands than the other toddlers he's been around can run. Keeps me in shape that's for sure!

June 22nd, 2006

Kyle's set up for daycare. They have a pool. It brings back very horrible and painful memories of my cousin. I'm trying to deal with it, I'm trying to manage my fears.

June 23rd, 2006

Okay. One of those days, you know the kind when you pick up your son from his crib and there is crap absolutely everywhere. The kind of morning when it's too early and too fuzzy brained that you sit him on the carpet when your brain kicks in that there is crap everywhere and it's coming from him. So now there is crap everywhere, and the carpet. So you pick up your son quickly to minimize the mess(really who are you trying to kid) and you realize that now you are now involved in the crap.

Finally, everyone and everything wash and dried and dressed, I put him on his play mats with toys and go toss the garbage out only to turn around to see him sitting in a puddle of Casey's water bowl.

Pick that up, get him dried and changed, turn around. Dog threw up.

Pick that up sit him down for breakfast and have him throw apple sauce and cereal everywhere including himself and the dog.

Sorry but it wasn't even 7:30am.

Pick everything up, clean everyone up, he climbs on me and pinches my nipple in attemps to climb up on the couch.

Anyone want a kid. I'll give him away for free today.

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July 2006

July 4th, 2006

Kyle will be turning 1. I can't believe it. My little baby boy has been here for a year now. Incredible how time flies. Speaking of which, maternity leave is ending and thus making financially nervous. No more UI. Very nervous indeed. I do have a daycare, but the whole prospect of spending a whole day at work while my baby boy is growing saddens me. Gives me a huge hole in the pit of my stomach. It's a new step in life I know, and I'll be preparing myself for our next step, it's no secret that we want another baby. But there's the transition period of working full time away from home.

So thus being said, I'm job hunting hopefully to find something near by that pays decently well.

To go back to Kyle's first birthday, I have to get my act together and figure out what I'll be doing. I'm just SO tired. Our trip to my grandparents really wore me out. Sure I got to sleep in until 8 most mornings, but Kyle was on speed the entire time. Even with 5 adults around to watch him and keep him entertained he wore us out. Mike actually said he felt he spent so much time taking care of him and was tired, I told him that I felt the same way and my mother felt the same. He was just wired and rarely taking naps to give us a break. Even up to all hours of the night refusing to sleep and throwing these massive tantrums.

*deep breath* okay. I'm home it's all better.

In good news, the weather was crapola and cold, but we did get a chance to take 2 walks to the beach and Kyle played in the surf and sand, Casey had her usual ball running up and down the shore line chasing sticks and occassionaly taking a swim. It's unbelievable how much they love the water. Kyle was in heaven chasing the waves and rocks, digging his toes in the sand, even going bare bum in the water. It was a fight getting him dry and back into the stroller to go home, he was insisting on staying to play, despite being cold. We took some great pics, I'll be uploading them soon to show off.

July 4th, 2006

Kyle Steps Towards the Future

Kyle took his first steps tonight.

3 tiny balanced steps with his arms outstretched towards me.

He's too eager to walk yet all excited and trying to go faster than his little feet and legs could accomodate but he'll figure it out soon enough I imagine, he's a bright little guy!

July 5th, 2006

Croup (acute laryngotracheobronchitis)

Spent the good part of last evening and night concerned, and the most part of this morning frightened at the horrible sound coming from my son. He woke up out of nowhere with the nastiest of coughs. This morning at 7am woke up crying and terrified himself and slept cuddled into me for another 45 minutes, as sweet as it was I was terrified. It was the first real time that my mommy worry radar went off. He was sick, miserable and I would have given anything for him to be better. We got a morning appointment with a new doctor who was on call, I would have waited until his doctor was in, but it was really bad and I was worried it would worsen into pneumonia. Then again there was no fever. Hm.

Naturally in the office, Kyle was an angel and acting all fine, not 1 cough, or even sound for her to hear his lost and raspy voice. She took her best medical deduction and claimed it to be Croup. Hokay-dokay. I still wasn't convinced, but was temporarily reassured it wasn't pneumonia or even worse...asthma.

His worse episode was late afternoon, he sounded so miserable it was painful to hear. We got the 1 treatment medication (that's neat and convenient I must admit) and gave it to him after supper and immediately heard a difference. No more inflammation of the trachea (windpipe) and larynx (voice box).

The only fight now is putting him to bed.

July 6th, 2006

So the night was spent waking up every 15-20 minutes in a panic because Kyle's cough was horrendous. He slept but kept us awake, lets say when you think it's 6am and you look at the clock that says 1am you get all screwy.

Thankfully he's a good boy today, naps and all!

July 7th, 2006

Everything feels right. Kyle woke up coughing and cranky so it promised to be a tough morning, instead when I figured out what was wrong things were fantastic. He was cold. He kept wanting to be in my arms and snuggled into me. I just couldn't figure why, usually he plays in the morning before breakfast. Well I put a cozy soft sweater on him and things were great after that.

He's just too funny, this morning he added 'Daddy' to his vocabulary. It's not that he's slow, it's just that we've encouraged the 'Papa'. So now he said 'Daddy?' wait 3 seconds 'Papa?' He also answered Papa in the car this morning when he left for the train, Mike said Bye bye to us, and Kyle clearly responded 'Bye Bye', accompanied by with a wave. :) He also greeted the house with a wave and a 'Hi!' So he's got a number of different words in there, like the other day when I told him Mommy had to pee and he should stay with grandma, he said 'pee?' That's right honey. He's taking more steps and doing the standing alone thing decently well.

I must say that he really is amazing. He truly makes my day wonderful. I realized this morning how much I absolutely adore our morning routine. We get up, change his diaper, brush our teeth and hair together, go down, he says good morning and plays with Casey while I make his breakfast for around 8am. He eats well, lots of fruits recently, (nectarines, grapes and cherries this morning). Then while he's feeding himself the fruits I make a small cup of coffee and toast. We then go to the living room and we sit down and I have my breakfast (and share with him if he wants toast) while watching the best little TV show "It's A Big Big World" on PBS. It's filled with music and science and I even love to watch it. Kyle will dance and clap his hands with all the songs and at the end wave bye when the main character says goodbye. The final song is actually soft like a lullabye so we dance together and he snuggles into me. We then go to the kitchen where he helps me make his bottle (he holds the cap then puts it on) by the time we're done, the next show starts "Dragon Tales" and we dance to the opening song (again another great show). We turn off the TV(it's usually his only TV of the day), go up and I rock him while he has his morning bottle and he falls asleep for the next hour and a half to 2 hours.

Like I said, I love it and it will be the hardest thing to loose when I start work. I took me this long to get into a wonderful routine with him.

July 12th, 2006

Tales of the Tantrums

Why does my 11 1/2 month old act occassionaly acts like a full fledge 2-3 year old toddler? It apparently bothers not only I, but him as well. Both Mike and I have searched for answers to this question, what's up with the constant tantrums? Not occassional, not rarely, but the minute he wakes up to the minute he falls asleep he's in *constant* tantrum mode. His sleep is even restless. What the hell. We figured it's all in the brain, but we can't find 1 single article on it. They all say 2-3 year old have tantrums and indicate that it doesn't happen before that. hmph.

That being said, he's giving everyone a run for their patience in the house, even the dog. The dog isn't able to cuddle with me without a full fledge attack. It's not crying either, he's pissed off. He kicks and pushes the dog off me. Uhm...did I mention he's not 1 yet?

Oh and...

Kyle bit me the other day. It was the first time he really ever took a chunk, the other times Mike tried to convince me it was kisses, but the last time when I was bleeding he finally believed me. Why does he bite me and not anyone else? It hurt enough for me to let out a wicked yell, usually I try to stay neutral as to not encourage it, but did I mention I was bleeding?

July 14th, 2006

Kyle on the other hand had chicken nuggets, vegetable medley and rice. Oh he also took a couple of chunks from my tuna sandwich. I know it's late but I think it was the first time I didn't serve him anything squished or semi-blended or pre-made store jar stuff. The chicken was cut up and the veggies were diced. He ate like a champ. I have to note though how much he ADORES brocoli and cauliflour bits. He picks them out of the medley! Green beans are next and last is the corn and carrots. I also allowed him to use a fork. It's somewhat dangerous, but I started teaching him to poke the food and slide it out of his mouth. I think I'll look for a more baby friendly one, I have visions of eye poking with this one.

Oh and another thing, he's a climber, I found his 1 step up the tiny step stool downstairs. I also found him sitting on the top of the couch, I mean the top top back part, looking out the window.

Oh and he knows how to go downstairs now. He's known how to get down from the bed of couch or anything high, but the whole stair, next stair backwards, that's technic people!

July 15th, 2006

meh. What do you get for your 1 year old. I'm putting so much pressure on myself and can't for the life of me think of anything. His first x-mas was hard enough, I feel as parents we should get him something special, but realistically those Magenta pictures that we are getting done today are going to cost an arm and a leg. As well as just having a little party. Getting him clothing from us is so difficult, I just can't choose. The same goes with toys, I know there's 1 french talking fisher price tou-tou that I could get him, and I found Karen Katz board books that I want for us - especially the counting kisses and belly button one, but ... well. Hard to say. I CAN'T decide. In fact I just CAN'T buy things, more like I just CAN'T spend money...even if it's for my handsome little prince.

Today during the photo shoot Kyle decided that after having angel wings on his back that he could stand. Now he's stands all the time, but this time with no one close by he just stood there, balancing with his arms and looking at us long enough to get a number of pictures taken. Yes it was a first to that extent and we have it on camera!

Unfortunately Kyle's a cery serious baby, very hard to crack a smile or let alone a laugh, so getting some smile shots was tough. We did get some beautiful ones though that I'll post in a couple of weeks once the prints come in. We also got the CD with them so we can make more copies. I have to say I'm looking forward to finding the frames so I can display our little angel.

July 18th, 2006

Just gave Kyle whole milk with his bottle. Someone suggested mixing half half for the first couple of times, seems to have worked. Can anybody tell me of any good "1 year older" books I should have. He's outgrown the what to expect in the first year one and I have a bunch of things I'd like to read up on.

Like this milk thing, eventually I just replace all the formula with whole milk right? I still give him the 3-4 bottles day or less? Does he keep the same drinking routine or do I serve it with his meal? Before bed he gets one, does he keep that one as well, and brush his teeth after that? What if he falls asleep?

Do I serve it warm or cold out of the fridge. You see just a few mommy questions!

3.25 milk part II

So he took another bottle with 2oz of milk in it with 6 oz of formula. The amount of dirty diapers people, let me tell you, I'm up to 5 today. If I get my fingers in another crappy diaper I'm likely to toss it out the window. The last 2 were runny.

Is it normal when you first introduce milk to have an diaper adjustment?

I ask because Mike is lactose intolerant and I'm being extra watchful

July 22nd, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday to Kyle Ethan my son, my love, my prince.

Go see my letters to Kyle in the Letters section!

July 28th, 2006

Ah the joys of Kyle saying no. He doesn't say no as much as he fiercly shakes his head back and forth and refuses whatever it may be.

Supper time MUST be together and no longer apart, he musn't eat 5 minutes before supper but only until we eat and then he points to what he wants. Last night apparently he pointed to the pasta, said no the meat, pointed to the pasta, Mike then tried to hide the meat in the pasta and then Kyle refused to eat it off the spoon and had to feed himself as he didn't trust Mike anymore with the meat.

He's also down to pretty much 1 nap a day. Not by my choice or my doing but having the kids here screwed him up and excites him too much, so where he should be napping, he just fights it and ends up being unbearably whiny. I guess it's okay, I'm trying enforce quiet time so he can atleast not be on the Go all the time. I usually give him his dou-douce (blanket) which he loves and he snuggles on his own for 2-3 minutes. After that it's a lost cause though.

He is also going through a Papa thing, it's Papa for everything, and this morning he refused his bottle from me and yelled at me "PAPA". So yes it's breaks my heart just a little, even knowing it must be a stage. He wants Papa for everything and when I come into the picture he seems to hate me. He won't even let me rock him at night and fights me until he snuggles into Mike's arms. Mike insists that when I'm not around he says Mama, but honestly 99 out of 100 times it's Papa.

Other things he's done recently (I swear he changes so quickly) is yesterday he took a bottle with a straw and drank all the water/apple juice that was in it. That's a huge leap from the couple of sips, I think it's step 1 of switching from the bottle completely. I may try to give him his day milk from it.

Meal time has improved as long as we seem to abide by his rules, he sometimes says "up" "up mama" when he's done and shaking his head that he's done eating. Mostly he shakes his head and covers his mouth (who knows where he learned that). I keep reinforcing the calm "up mommy" when he's done hoping that it'll stick eventually.

He also surprised us all with "Ames" yesterday. Since J is a little more complexe it seems he says 'Ames' to refer to James. Still no luck with 'Melyssa' though.

In other news, the government if no one has noticed has been blurbing about this 100$ that mothers will get yada yada yada. Turns out though that this money replaces the other monthly deposit that we were already getting. So in reality they just added some to it. Typical.

I know know know there's tons more that I wanted to remember. Things like walking our furniture around the house, or walking the dog cage with the dog sitting inside wondering what the little dude is doing to her room. Things like spending afternoons outside in our mini pool which his siblings. At first I used the swimmer diapers but now he simply goes in "bum a l'air" and I usually have to chase a naked baby around the yard. James laughs and squeels "get your boy parts off my foot" or "get your boy parts away from me" when Kyle chases him! A very fun time had by all I must say.

James also has a clock radio that Kyle has mastered turning on and dancing to. This boy loves to dance to music, he crawls up the stairs (sometimes I admit without us realizing it fora few steps) then darts to James room, carefully with his fat little index finger pushes the button ON and he dances away.

This morning he had a full fledged fit because Papa wasn't around to give him his bottle and rock him. (yes it makes me feel little and unimportant - all I did was carry him for 9 months and birth him it seems). Every morning in bed he calls and calls and calls for Papa, nicely and patiently at first, we try to snooze (sometimes hoping the cute little "papaaaa" sound will go away) until recently when after 15 minutes of "papaaa" "popa" "papa" "paaaapaaaa".... came an abrupt pissed off "PAPA!" which had Mike startle and jump out of bed and run into his room to get the little boy who was indeed very irritated that it took so long. :)

July 29th, 2006

Kids are gone now. Been 3 weeks that they've been here. Kind of got used to having at least 1 of them around. Kyle goes around searching for "james" "jay" "ames" "jame" in each room and under every blanket only to be disappointed that his brother doesn't pop out anymore. He looks up at us all confused and somewhat sad that his play buddy is gone. He also got extremely upset when James said goodbye to him. Naturally they don't realize what impact they have on him. They don't realize that he misses them, looks for them and gets a hole when they aren't around. He searches Melyssa's room and climbs onto her bed to look around to see if she's anywhere to be found. All of a sudden his siblings rooms are simply 2 empty lifeless rooms and no longer the cool hangout with music and toys and most of all, his siblings.

We knew what the situation would be as he grew up, but nights like tonight and the next few mornings, I feels like an awful mother for making him sad. I feel like an awful mother for bringing him up in a somewhat disfunctional family, where one morning he can crawl in and wake up his siblings with pure delight of seeing them (even at 6am) and the next morning they are simply gone from his life.

July 31st, 2006

Kyle keeps waking up in the middle of the night BAWLING. Been over a week and he's inconsolable. To top it all off, he's been up at 5:30 for the past 3 days now. Considering he ONLY went to sleep last night past 11pm, I figured we'd be okay, but no, at 1am, 2am awake and out of his mind, and 6:30 was up for good.

I just don't understand why we can't make him feel better or reassured. I also don't know why he's fighting his naps so much considering the little sleep he's gotten. He fell asleep in the car this morning taking Mike to the train, instead of taking him out of the car, I opened the windows, stopped the engine, reclined my seat and we slept there in my driveway for an hour. Yes, I was desperate. Now it's 11:45 and he's in his bed crying and yelling and crying and yellin and crying. He won't go to sleep. He WILL NOT take his bottle whatsoever, he only ate blueberries this morning and refused EVERYTHING I gave him.

I have under 4 hours of sleep and am at my wits end. Tonight Mike and I were hoping/planning a romantic supper. Instead I feel horrible, I would sleep on the hardwood floor if given a chance, and I NEED a shower. No, I'm not feeling romantic. I want a break and an explanation as to WHY Kyle's this way, it's killing me. So much for "US" time.

EDIT: Turns out it's night terrors. He hasn't had them since but in case he does we know how to handle it.

And then

Went up, took screaming baby from crib and decided on an unexpected co-bath time. He seemed to enjoy it, was even cuddly after the bath, but... REFUSED the milk again.

uhm...any ideas, because now we are back to square 1, minus the fact that I am now smelling peachy. Which helps, but still my ear drums.

I will go prepare lunch for him.

WHAT I HATE is the fact that even if I let him wail it out for over 20 minutes I end up getting him, instead of teaching him that NAP time is NAP time. Which he used to know, but now on the 1 nap a day we don't really know when to give it him.

If lunch goes well, he goes down after.

IF ALL else fails I get in the car and drive around.

EDIT: NO lunch, NO milk. NO car.

I thankfully rocked him, massaging his gums, clipping a hang nail and humming sofly. He fell asleep wailing and is still sniffling in his sleep.

It's 1pm, god knows how long he will sleep and whether he'll eat after that.

birds on wire

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August 2006

August 1st, 2006

Things are better today. Thankfully.

He woke up after a 3 hour nap an was hungry and mega thirsty. Finished 2 1/2 bottles in a sitting. He did wake up with a runny nose. RUNNY RUNNY RUNNY nose! Maybe a cold, maybe the teeth. Considering I'm also congested, I'll put the blame on both since I'm pretty sure everything contributed to his crappy day.

To get him to bed last night we actually took a drive, we both were in no mood to fight him. I think it's the 3rd time ever we did that, but it was so worth it. There was no point trying to enfore his bedtime when he was miserable, I know he knows how to go to sleep on his own, he was just miserable. We benefited with a well deserved ice cap and A/C in the car.

The humidity is nasty. It was 27C in the bedroom and 85% RH at 6:30 this morning. Should have been raining in the house with all that moisture! So finally I dragged the dehumidifier that had been running in the basement all this time (trying to keep good conditions for all our books and comics) upstairs, within an hour it brought it down to 63% and MUCH more bearable! It's still going full blast and I'll keep it there and maybe move it upstairs this afternoon so we sleep better.

August 11th, 2006

Alright Kyle's with Mimi (Myriam) dropped him off at 9 this morning. She'll have 3 kids in all today, not much different from our house with James and Melyssa around except that these children are 3+4 instead of 9+11. Yes I had a few tears overnight as I lay in bed thinking about my baby, the baby that I couldn't bear to have out of my sight and reach for a month after he was born. The baby that I hold close to me at night when he sleeps, the baby that reaches for and calls for both his Papa and Mama. He's over a year old now and growing up too quickly and some days, like today it hurts. So yes there are a few more tears this morning after she took my baby from me, while he held my arm so very tightly. He did like her, he offered his dog for her to chew, a sure sign of his affection. I'm happy that he's happy, but it was the look he gave us as his Papa and Mama shut the door and said goodbye. It will be fine, I know. Just a change that takes some getting used too.

So he's back, in fact he didn't want to leave. The toys that is, you see, her basement is ompletely baby proof with lots of toys and he had just woken up from a nap and gotten into the toys. Apparently everything went well, he had a good time this morning (didn't like the swings - which we already knew and forgot to mention) but loved the slide. He seemed to have been carried quite a bit (hopefully he won't get too used to that since we don't carry him everywhere here). He seemed very content with her as well as with her children. The only thing was that he didn't eat very well, in fact he cried through lunch. If I know my son it was sitting in the high chair "without" any finger foods to occupy him while the full meal is served. You see he lacks patience and understanding that the food is coming. So I imagine that while she served the others he melted down. She asked if he sits on our laps (to which the answer is no) or if we feed him on the go (again no). She finally managed to feed him on her lap (again I hope he doesn't get used to that as it won't go over at home and will only make her life harder). I do understand her point that it was the first day, the first time that she spent any time with him so she was testing the waters. Soon enough she will establish a routine and he will learn her rules. Like the food thing, she mashed everything for him which for Kyle he has refused mashed for quite some time as he likes using a fork. They'll work it out.

In the meantime he's home and the loudness and activity level in our home is back up to noisy and hectic. :)


Even with 1 day of daycare under our belt we see a BIG difference in how the rest of the day went, and it was wonderful. He ate supper wonderfully, he fell asleep at 7:30 really well without a fight (granted he woke up today a 8am!) and he played so nicely with Mike and I all afternoon and evening long. Many many cuddles and snuggling in my lap, crawling all over us, even the occassional kiss and hug. We even saw a IMMEDIATE improvement in his attempts in walking he was much more sturdier on his feet after watching the other kids today, he stood up most of the afternoon and evening, taking many attempts at walking and stepping towards us. It won't be long, I can feel it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The front facing car seat - is wonderful, Mike swapped it on his birthday (he wasn't waiting an extra day)! He points to different things out the window and waits until we give him the word for it, wires, lights, truck, car, Dairy Queen, he expecially loves the train to pick up Mike.

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