Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon's & Baby Photo Album

Kyle's Ultrasound Pictures - First Official Pictures

Kyle's 1st Ultrasound

At 13 weeks, it's amazing how quickly his little face had already developed. You also see how this little guy loves to stretch, this is something I quickly felt - what an active little guy! It's amazing the quality of this ultrasound, at 13 weeks old, and so many details!!

Kyle's 2nd Ultrasound

At 20 weeks, Kyle has already found his fingers to suck on!

Baby's Ultrasound Pictures - First Official Pictures!!!

The time has come to see our 2nd little bundle of joy. Enjoy the 3D pictures!

BabyToo 2nd Ultrasound

BabyToo showing off the adorable baby toes!! Scan taken at 20 weeks.

BabyToo 2nd Ultrasound

Who's face is this?! Amazing what technology has come to, you can see the baby with it's arms behind it's head just lounging around!

BabyToo 2nd Ultrasound

A close look at the baby in *her* very cozy living space! It's been confirmed ... we're having a baby girl!

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