Primedia 1996

The weekend of November 1, 1996 through November 3, 1996, we drove to Toronto for the yearly Media Convention known as PriMedia. There are lots of comics guests every year and 1996 was definately no exception! (Michael Cherkas, Larry Hancock, Janet Hetherington, Stuart Immonen, Leonard Kirk, Robert A. Kraus, Gabriel Morrissette, Terry Pallot, Mark Shainblum, Ronn Sutton, Mike Aragona, and Jeff Boman) Here's a picture from one of the comics panels:

Mike, Jeff, Gabriel, Leonard, & Stuart

From left to right: Gabriel Morrissette, Leonard Kirk, Mike Aragona, Stuart Immonen, Jeff Boman.

PriMedia always has some panels devoted to Voice Actors. In 95, George Buza (the voice of Beast from X-Men) and Alyson Court (voice of Jubilee from X-Men, who also plays Loonette on The Comfy Couch) were invited guests. In 96, Alyson was once again invited as was Chris Wiggins (who, aside from his work in Swiss Family Robinson and Friday The 13th, The Series, is a voice actor and did the voice of a Care Bear).

Mike Aragona & Alyson Court

Here's a photo of Alyson and myself up in the Green Room. Genuine happy faces!