Diary of a Dad - Online Journals since 1997

My first main reason for a Parenting Page online was to have a place where I could share my experiences as a Father. It's been quite a number of years since I began and the one thing that continues to be true about my life online is that I'm still writing about my kids and family. :) In order, these are:

My 1997 Journal. The one that started it all :) This journal deals with Melyssa's first year and all her various health issues I had to deal with.

My 1998 Journal continues the adventure of James and Melyssa.

My 1999 Journal deals with the breakdown of my first marriage.

My 2000 Journal deals with my post-divorce life.

My 2001 Journal describes my new life with Chantale.

My 2002 Journal contains my last entries in this mode plus selected entries from my on-going Live Journal.

In 2002, I had decided to stop writing specific Parenting Related Journals, concentrating instead on my Daily Journal. You can view my entries via my Live Journal Link. Alternatively, you can visit my actual Online Journal page as well.

As I review my past journals I will compile all those specific entries related to Parenting and continue to present them here.

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