The Aragona Photo Album ~ Halloween 2007

Halloween always starts with a trip to Quinn's Farm for some Pumpkin Picking!

Father and Son, ready for a tractor ride!

How about a hug, first? :)

Mother and Son, enjoying the tractor ride!

The Hunt is ON!

Maybe over there?

There sure are a lot of pumpkins to choose from!

Aha! How about this one right here!

I think this little one will be great for Charlize!

Mother and Son, resting with their choices

Dad and Kids striking a Heroic Pose! The Pumpkin Patch - Conquered! :)

Charlize and her Pumpkin

My beautiful wife, Chantale, comparing smiles with her Pumpkin Victim :)

Father and Fireman Kyle take a candy break to pose with another Pumpkin Patch

Mommy and Fireman Kyle pose in front of Daddy's Pumpkin Victim :)

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