The Aragona Photo Album ~ Kyle's Year 2 Montage

Kyle's second year birthday celebrations began with a visit from his Godfather, Uncle Francisco!

A few days later, a trip to his Nonni's house started with a nap in the car...

Is this cake for ME?!

Mmm! First lick is mine!

Blueberries in my mouth, and a Moose by my side. A family heritage?

Back at home, helping Daddy water Mommy's tree.

My two mop-tops playing together :)

Fascinated by the book my Great-Omi gave me.

Showing James the difference between the car he gave him, and the truck Nonno gave him.

Kyle showing Donald Duck how to put together Mr. Potato Head.

A second birthday cake, with sparklies!

Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp!

That was good! Can I have some more, please?

After a great party, relaxing on the couch with my new best buddy watching his adventures!

The day after the party, enjoying his gifts all over again!

Father and Son sharing a quiet moment.

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