The place where civilizations clash and both the medieval and the modern
 worlds creep up on each other, giving ample adventure to he who craves it! 
 One must always be wary for the sights and sounds which assail the senses are
 those of which the world has yet to truly comprehend!

     Welcome traveller, to this bizarre land.  Wear your armor proudly and
 make peace with such dieties as thou might pray to.  For one never knows  
 what one might encounter...

     In The Savage Land!

                                                    The Savage One

   :::Friday December 20, 2002:::
   -  Just shy of our full 12th year in existence, The Savage Land BBS will
be closing its doors.  The Land will always continue to exist in our memories
but, for now, it must fall to the ravages of time.  Electronic Communication
has moved way beyond Bulletin Board Systems and although NOTHING on the
Internet can truly and honestly match or rival what we've experienced in 
these lands, it seems the appeal of multi-chats and messages has taken most
away from these simple times of individual callers.  Thanks to everyone who
has travelled these roads, especially Thoth who's been there from the start,
you will not be forgotten.  Although the Land itself will fall into the annals
of history, our Tomes will live on through the magic of Archives.  Who knows?
Maybe one day, The Savage Land BBS will rise again!

   :::Thursday February 28, 2002:::
   -  Today is The Savage Land's 10 Year Anniversary!  Can you believe it?!
Wow!  I always hoped we'd be able to last this long, but I wasn't very sure
it was going to happen, especially afte the major slowdowns of the last few
years!  But it's here!  Happy Anniversary to us!!

   :::Tuesday January 1, 2002:::
   -  ScapeGoats still exist!  For recognition of duty above and beyond...
Wild Munchkin garners the ScapeGoat crown for 2002!!!  Let your stones fly
and all hail the chief!  Lift your glasses!  :)

   :::Thursday January 4, 2001:::
   -  In just under 9 years of its full-time existence, The Savage Land got
its 50,000th caller today!  The honor went to the man deserving of it the
most:  Thoth!!  Congrats to you, sir!  Thank you for playing and let's aim
for that 100,000th call!!  (giggle)

   :::Monday January 1, 2001:::
   -  Happy New Year!!  And the ScapeGoat for this year is none other than...
GOOFY!  Voted in absentia!  :>  Even though he's only human, he deserves the
title like none before him!

   :::Friday September 1, 2000:::
   -  Congratulations to HBK on the birth of his first neice!!  How nice! :)

   :::Saturday July 8, 2000:::
   -  The Savage Land wishes Vette and Sunshine the Happiest of Lifetimes on
this, their wedding day!  Congratulations!

   :::Sunday January 2, 2000:::
   -  Proving that even Sysops aren't exempt from blame, The Savage Land 
Year 2000 ScapeGoat is Savage!  Barely beating out Lucien Bouchard for the
title, Savage figures that what with the board's non-compliant quirks and
anything else that could happen, it probably would/should be his fault!  :)

   :::Saturday January 1, 2000:::
   -  The world hasn't blown up, and life continues.  WWIV BBS' are not Y2k
compliant, so if you see freaky/ strange things during your stay here, do
not be alarmed.  The important part of the system (message sharing) still
functions.  The rest are quirky semantics.  :)

   :::Wednesday April 15, 1998:::
   -  It's a BOY!!!  UNCLE HBK shares his joyous news as Matthew comes into
the world this morning at 12:53am, weighing in at 8lbs 4ozs!  Congrats!!

   :::Tuesday December 30, 1997:::
   -  It's official!  Coming in from behind in a VERY surprise manouever, 
Thoth managed to rally his forces and come up the winner for 1998's ScapeGoat
award!!  HBK leaves the year with some very momentous disasters which will 
forever be blamed on him.  Like Light Castle the year before him, he can step
down knowing his power was strong indeed!  And now, let any befallen mishaps
land on the crown of Thoth, as it will definately be HIS fault!

   :::Saturday November 29, 1997:::
   -  The shock reached a new level tonight when Barry informed me of Giggles'
passing the night of Thurs Nov 20, 1997.  She couldn't bear life without her
soulmate and decided to join him.  The Savage Land is that much poorer for not
having thier online Romeo and Juliette any more.  Like the tragic love story, 
this too ends in a manner leaving us all wondering if there was anything 
more we could have done.  Again, our deepest condolences go out to the both 
their families in this heart-wrenching time. Goodbye, Violet Poole...

   :::Monday November 17, 1997:::
   -  Hearty congratulations are sent out to Snowbird and her family on the 
arrival of Rebecca Lynn on Friday November 7th, 1997 @7:52am!  

   :::Friday November 14, 1997:::
   -  It was with incredible shock that I read Barry's post of M's tragic
death (Wed. Nov 12 @7:35am).  So young, so full of life, on his way to carving
a life out with Giggles, and to die in such a manner.  The Savage Land and all
its denizens offer our deepest condolences to M's friends and family, and 
especially to Giggles who was deeply in love with her fiancee and it showed in
each of her posts.  I don't know what else to say...  Goodbye Philip Samuel 

   :::Friday August 29, 1997:::
   -  The News Is Out!!!  Elfie's pregnant!!  Congrats to Elfie & Spock!  
Sleep now because you never will again!!!  :)

   :::Saturday July 26, 1997:::
   -  Happy Wedding Day to Barry & Silver Chic!!!

   :::Sunday May 18, 1997:::
   -  Happy Wedding Day to Elfie & Dr. Spock!!!

   :::Monday March 3, 1997:::
   -  It's a Girl!!!  Savage's second child arrived today at 9:41am!
Weighing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce, baby is doing fine as is the proud Savage!

   :::Sunday February 23, 1997:::
   -  Baby News continues as Elfie becomes an AUNT yet again!  TSL welcomes
Winston James to the world!

   :::Friday August 2, 1996:::
   -  Ok, so I've known for a couple of weeks now, but I figured I may as
well spread the news.  The new Savage arrival is scheduled for March 97!!!

   :::Tuesday January 16, 1996:::
   -  The New Year is bringing in MORE babies!  Congratulations to AUNT ELFIE
on the birth of her nephew (Taylor Alben)!!!  All right, who's next?!?!  :)

   :::Thursday December 28, 1995:::
   -  Congratulations to UNCLE THOTH on the birth of his first nephew (Adam
Benjamin)!!!!!  Although somewhat groggy when I spoke to him, the first-time
Uncle is doing fine  :)

   :::Monday October 30, 1995:::
   -  The Savage Land is VERY happy that we are still Canadians.  Canada IS
the greatest Country in the world and must continue to survive.  Peace, Love,
and Happiness.

   :::Thursday June 29, 1995 (@3:00AM!):::
   -  The Savage Land and all its Denizens extend a hearty congratulations
to Elfie and Dr. Spock on their engagement!  Don't forget to include us for
the pre-wedding "parties"!  (Grin)

   :::Tuesday September 20, 1994:::
   -  A Savage Child is born!  Say hello to Savage's first child!  Weighing
in at 9 pounds, 2.4 ounces, the baby boy is 21 inches long!

- I would like to publicly thank the following users for their very generous, and unsolicited, financial contributions to The Savage Land. Because of their generosity, we have not only joined the Long Distance WWIV Networks earlier than expected, but for a longer duration as well. Also, they have helped in the registration of programs for the benefit of the Land. Thank you my friends, it makes my heart warm... :) - Blue Lightning January 01, 1993 - Flying Yank January 08, 1993 - Vette June 22, 1993 - Grey Poltergeist September 23, 1993 - Dark Canary June 03, 1994 - Vette December 27, 1996 - Vette December 19, 1997
- WwivMail/QWK Reader October 26, 1992 - Zmodem June 06, 1993 - Defrag June 28, 1993 - AutoSend July 20, 1994 - Birthday July 20, 1994 - Scrabble! August 11, 1994
- Jughead (1993) -=} Assimilated by the Torontorg - Grey Poltergeist (1994) -=} Assimilated by N.T. - Vette (1995) -=} Assimilated by Engineers! - Light Castle (1996) -=} Assimilated by Academia! - HeartBurn Kid (1997) -=} Assimilated by DPM! - Thoth (1998) -=} Assimilated by GeoCities! - Barking Spider (1999) -=} Assimilated by Concordia! - Savage (2000) -=} Assimilated by Cinar! - Goofy (2001) -=} Assimilated by Aliens!
:::Tuesday September 20, 1994::: - Zabu, son of Savage! :::Thursday December 28, 1995::: - The Osiris Kid, first nephew to Thoth! :::Monday March 3, 1997::: - Jitterbug, daughter of Savage! :::Friday November 7, 1997::: - Rebecca Lynn, daughter to Snowbird! :::Wednesday April 15, 1998::: - Hiccup, first nephew to HeartBurn Kid! :::Saturday July 25, 1998::: - Faye Ying Michelle Dube, daughter to Damien and Mai-Tai! :::Thursday June 3, 1999::: - TSL's first twins, Thoth's niece's: Castar & Pollax! :::Friday September 1, 2000::: - Erin Marie, first neice to HeartBurn Kid!