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Gun Solution

The gun felt cool in Frank's hands. He rubbed the barrel on his cheeks, enjoying the sensation of cold metal on warm flesh. He gripped the handle tightly and felt its power. He relaxed his grip to let blood flow in his fingers and then gripped it tightly once more. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he scraped the trigger on his forehead, marveling at how comfortable and natural the gun felt.

"An extension of my hand," he whispered to himself. "Another part of me that I can control and use for work or play."

You can drink from a glass but then you can easily toss it aside. A gun, once you feel its weight and power in your hands, is practically impossible to lay down. A gun has no feelings yet evokes powerful ones in people. You can turn to a gun to help you solve problems.

Frank traced his face with the tip of the gun and finally let it rest right between his eyes. He held it there forcefully and pulled the trigger. Click. No bang.

"One more day to face my problems," he said half-heartedly.

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