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Novels — To see a list of published books available for purchase, please visit Savage Enterprises Publishing:

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    Short Fiction — Most of my fiction work is not available on the web. However, there are some stories written specifically with the internet in mind. To that end, you will find these listed here but please keep in mind that most of these are for Mature Readers:

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    Articles — Many of the articles I've done for Comicopia as well as other publications and associations will be accessible from here. These have been grouped into:

  • [The Last Word Editorial Articles]
  • [In Conversation With...] (Interviews)
  • [Book Reviews]
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    Thanks! — I'd like to send out a special Thanks! to everyone (fans and pros alike) who've come by, read, and commented on my words (either here or in Comicopia). I'm especially greatful that my personal sharing has touched parts of your hearts and souls enough to share some of your stories with me. A very deep and sincere Thank You! goes to the most important and influential person in my life right now: my Beloved Wife, Chantale. For everything you are, and everything you bring out in me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm sure you know that place very well since I've shared it all with you :) I Love You! You can stop blushing now :)


    The Last Word Articles: Personal editorial and reflections upon The Comics Industry, Fandom, and Life
  • [Aug 2003] Event of a Lifetime - My Wedding!
  • [Oct 2003] Small Press Recollections
  • [June 2003] Eye of the Hurricane Part 2 - More on Our New Home!
  • [May 2003] Farewell Johnny Canuck - Saying Farewell to Leo Bachle
  • [Apr 2003] Eye of the Hurricane - Getting Our New Home!
  • [Dec 2002] Enter The Borg - Computers Think Too Much
  • [Oct 2002] Lights, Camera, Action! Take 2
  • [Aug 2002] Lights, Camera, Action! My 15 minutes of fame!
  • [Mar 2002] Finding A Balance in Life
  • [Jan 2002] There Are Places I'll Remember... (Tribute to Chantale)
  • [Dec 2001] 'Tis The Season To Be... SAD?
  • [Nov 2001] Tribute To George Harrison
  • [Nov 2001] Finding (Inner) Strength
  • [Oct 2001] 9-11 It Could Have Been You
  • [Aug 2001] Comic Shop Blues
  • [Jun 2001] Revelation
  • [Feb 2001] Creating Adventures
  • [Dec 2000] Winter Blues
  • [Aug 2000] The Life Test
  • [Apr 2000] What Are You?
  • [Oct 1999] The Rewards of Slacking
  • [May 1999] The Danger of Truth
  • [Apr 1999] The Art of Falling Apart
  • [Aug 1998] Ghosts of Memories
  • [Jun 1998] Finding My Way in Life
  • [Apr 1998] Everything Dies in Small Amounts
  • [Nov 1997] Accepting Death
  • [Aug 1997] Reflections on Losing Nostalgia
  • [May 1997] Reflections on Turning 30


    Interviews: Personal chats with fascinating creators and thinkers.
  • [Mike Aragona -Dec 2004] Interviewed on NaNoWriMo
  • [David Shtogryn -Dec 1999] Canadian Fiction Author
  • [Len Strazewski -June 1998] Prime, Elven, Prototype, Fly, Web, etc.
  • [Janet Hetherington -Dec 1997] Creator/Self-Publisher of Eternal Romance
  • [Matt Hollingsworth -July 1997] Eisner Award winning Colorist
  • [Mark Shainblum -Nov 1995] On the Canada Post Superhero Stamp Covers


    Convention Venture: Reviews and goings-on at various conventions I've attended through the years.
  • [Expo Zine 2008] The Annual Small Press Zine Show!
  • [Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon 2005] The Shuster Awards and meeting Legends!
  • [Toronto Trek 2000] My biggest con so far! (Chantale's too!)
  • [Con*Cept 1999] Getting back into Science Fiction
  • [Richard Biggs Panel] From Primedia 1997 - for Babylon 5 E-zine Zocalo
  • [Primedia 1997] A Very Short Report
  • [Toronto Metro Con 1997] Very uneventful recap
  • [Ottawa SF Society 1997] Science Fiction Society Panel
  • [Primedia 1996] My First convention as a Guest & Panelist
  • [Primedia 1995] Memories galore with Spider and Jeannie Robinson and Les Barker
  • [Comic Fest VII -Sept 29, 91] My First Meeting With Sergio Aragones!


    Book Reviews (Comics & Print): Sometimes there's nothing better than picking up an old comic or a new book. Here are some of my thoughts.
  • [Ka-Zar The Savage Notes #3] Summary notes on early Ka-Zar (The Savage)
  • [Ka-Zar The Savage Notes #2] Summary notes on early Ka-Zar (Lord of the Hidden Jungle)
  • [Ka-Zar The Savage Notes #1] Summary notes on early Ka-Zar (Astonishing Tales)
  • [A Thousand Words For Stranger] by Julie Czerneda
  • [The Bogie Man] by John Wagner & Alan Grant
  • [Off The Rack -Aug 1998] Iron Age, Mythography, The Silent Invasion, Superman For All Seasons
  • [Off The Rack -Feb 1998] Life Story of Flash, Dawn - Lucifer's Halo
  • [Freedom Fighters Summaries Issues 11-15] Part 3 of 3
  • [Freedom Fighters Summaries Issues 6-10] Part 2 of 3
  • [Freedom Fighters Summaries Issues 1-5] Quality Heroes Revamped
  • [Spidey Super Summary 248] Reviewing a CLASSIC Story
  • [Spidey Super Summaries 41-50] Reviewing Classic Spider-Man issues
  • [Spidey Super Summaries 31-40] Fun Reviewing of Classic Spider-Man issues
  • [Spider Super Summaries 21-30] More Early Spidey Reviews
  • [Spider Super Summaries 11-20] Reviewing Early Spidey Issues
  • [Ka-Zar: Destroying a Perfect Character] The Last Word -September 1990


    At The Movies (Entertainment): Reflections on Movies and TV series
  • [At The Movies - DareDevil] Blind Justice
  • [At The Movies - X-Men] Marvel's Mutant Mania
  • [At The Movies - Life] Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence
  • [At The Movies - What Dreams May Come] An unforgettable feeling
  • [At The Movies - Various] Out of Sight, Zorro, Armageddon, X-Files
  • [At The Movies - Lost In Space] I liked it! Read why!
  • [At The Movies - Heroes] Spawn, Batman & Robin, The Phantom
  • [At The Movies - Star Trek Generations] The positive effects of Captain Kirk
  • [The Last Word -May 1996] Review of Lois & Clark The New Adventures


    Short/ Fast Fiction/ Prose: Short stories written specifically for distribution on the internet, either via my blog or on other sites. The "My Eyes Burn" series follows this listing. Please note that most of these are for Mature Readers:

  • [Fast Fiction - Tight Budgets] Sometimes, living is tough, but we all make do. (Published on
  • [Fast Fiction - Future Speed] Future at the Speed of Thought
  • [Fast Fiction - The Initiation] Answering peer pressure of junior bullies
  • [Fast Fiction - The Bellhop] Who's cheating who?
  • [Fast Fiction - Train Dreams] What wicked dreams are dreamt on trains....
  • [Fast Fiction - The New Girl] John's got a new fascination. (Published on
  • [Fast Fiction - The Vision] Nick knew it was over before it had begun.
  • [Fast Fiction - Gun Solution] For Frank, a gun holds all the answers.
  • [Fast Fiction - The Winner] John's addiction keeps him home forever.
  • [Fast Fiction - Mary's Day] Mary just hates Mondays, but not as much as her boss.
  • [Fast Fiction - Marvin Knows] Let Marvin show you the light. (Published on
  • [Fast Fiction - Ken Waits] Getting ready for a date is a lot of work.
  • [Fast Fiction - No Contest] For some, winning is everything.

    Fast Fiction - My Eyes Burn: These series of Fast Fiction pieces are different from the rest in that they deal with moments in time of the same character. There's no order to the stories, but they are listed in reverse order of creation:
  • [My Eyes Burn - I Can See Your Isolation] And I understand you.
  • [My Eyes Burn - I Can See Your Scam] And it won't take me.
  • [My Eyes Burn - I Can See Your Revenge] And it'll hurt you more.
  • [My Eyes Burn - I Can See You Die] And you'll kill no more.
  • [My Eyes Burn - I Can See] And all I see disgusts me.


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