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My Eyes Burn - I Can See Your Scam

Awareness comes with a throbbing pain in my head. I clutch at it and slowly open my eyes as a sea of legs and feet parade before me. I hear a voice say, "Easy buddy," as hands grab my arms and attempt to lift me up. My cheek itches where the blood dried and I grimace in pain when my feet can't hold my weight.

"Boy that looks quite painful. Can I help you anywhere?"

I squint at the face in my vision and it takes a moment to clear. When it does, my eyes burn as I see you waiting for me to pass by the alley, a leather bag in your hand. You jump out at me when my back is turned and trap my head in the bag as your partner mercilessly beats me to the ground. This is your scam. You help your victims to their homes and rob them there. I refuse to be next.

My anger gives me strength. "My valuables? How about I just take yours instead?"

You freeze but before you can move a mental dagger lances into your crotch and you crumple. Your partner takes off and never looks back.

(Fast Fiction: My Eyes Burn - I Can See Your Scam (c) Mike Aragona. All rights reserved. No reproduction or retransmission of this article is granted without written permission of Mike Aragona)

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