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My Eyes Burn - I Can See Your Revenge

I close my eyes and drift away on a river of thoughts. My reverie is shattered as I'm jostled back to reality when you bump into me. I hear no apologies. You're too busy yelling into your phone. That's right, idiot, he'll hear you better if you raise your voice.

I move deeper onto the train, trying to distance myself. Your stench is palatable as sweat drips off your overweight body, dandruff clinging to your greasy hair. My eyes burn as I see you banging away on a helpless woman and I know she is the wife of the man you're yelling at. She exudes hopelessness as you pound into her, oblivious to everything but your sickening lust. You're screwing her to keep her husband in line.

With a loud shout of "ha!" you slam the phone and I approach you. "You're not so tough," I tell you, shocking you in disbelief. "He knows and he's happy about it. His wife's getting some and giving some back. You're a thorn in his life, but not for much longer. She's HIV positive. Now so are you."

I walk away happy in the thought that you just pissed yourself. Merry Christmas, asshole.

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