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Fast Fiction

Ken Waits

Ken could not remember how long he’d been waiting for the car to arrive.

When he woke up this morning he knew it was Saturday. That meant it was time to get ready. He made his way to the bathroom and ran a bath using only hot water. A part of him knew this shouldn’t be done, but he did it any way. He refused to listen to anyone anymore, including himself.

He lay in the tub with only his head sticking out of the water and stared directly in front of him. He didn’t move. He didn’t talk. He barely breathed. He just soaked and felt his limbs fall away from him. At the hour mark he stood up and pulled the plug. Drying off quickly, he reached for the tweezers. There was nothing better for removing unwanted hair. Whenever he finished, he always smiled with pride. You couldn’t find smoother balls on a newborn.

He dressed in casual slacks and a shirt and sat outside. The car would come every week and he was always ready for it. But it had been so long since his last ride. Damn that Barbie. Bitch was probably out whoring again...

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