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Fast Fiction

The Vision

"Does it really have to end?"

Danielle held Nick's hands in hers, trying to control her trembling where she couldn't control her tears.

Nick took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He didn't want to do this. He loved her, that wasn't a lie. But, he also couldn't deny the scenes in his mind. The arguing, the harsh words, Danielle throwing pots at him, breaking dishes. He shuddered as he re-lived through the first time he slapped her, knocking her to the floor and making her nose bleed.

He exhaled slowly, his eyes boring into her as he saw himself coming home early from work and catching her screwing the delivery boy on HIS couch. He flexed his fingers and felt the bat he used to knock the boy out. He felt the rage as he jumped Danielle and raped her, not caring about her cries, while hitting her and calling her a slut with each thrust.

It had to stop, now, before it went any further.

"I'm sorry but it'll never work out," he admitted. "I just don't see a future for us after high school. It's better this way…"

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