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My Eyes Burn - I Can See You Die

I step outside and lift my collar against the wind and rain. As I fall in stride behind the other pedestrians, I pull my hat down lower and hunch my shoulders. A pain shoots through my stomach and I almost stumble into you.

I see you standing over her, a broken and bloody umbrella in your hands, heaving from exertion. I look through your eyes and see her in the same state and my pain gets worse. You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and I wish I could do the same.

I almost cry out but contain myself, forcing my own breath through gritted teeth. We reach the corner and I see you turn to the bus stop. Dizzy, I stop as well and unknown arms hold me up. I retch and all eyes fall on me. I slip and hit the floor as my leg reaches through those behind me to trip you.

Arms reach out to catch me again. The bus reaches out to catch you. Horns blare, tires screech, and women shriek. But no other child will die tonight. I get up and walk away.

(Fast Fiction: My Eyes Burn - I Can See You Die (c) Mike Aragona. All rights reserved. No reproduction or retransmission of this article is granted without written permission of Mike Aragona)

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