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Fast Fiction

Mary's Day

"Come on, Mary! Faster! Type faster! Dammit, I could do better!"

"Then why don't you, you condescending asshole?" thought Mary as her boss stormed back into his office. "Then maybe you could use your fingers for more than picking your nose and pointing out people's mistakes."

Mary held back tears and fought to control her emotions. She didn't know why she put up with all the abuse. Did she really need money this desperately?

She glanced at her picture frame and this time a tear slipped. The glass was cracked over Peter's face, mocking her. She closed her eyes and saw Peter pointing, stabbing at her, yelling that it was her fault, and then walking out.

"I just love too much," she whispered. "I give too much and no one cares."

She regained control and clicked on Print. A message box appeared claiming her memo wasn't properly formatted. Her left eye began to twitch.

"Mary!" yelled her boss. "Let's go!" he clapped at her. She jumped out of her seat, eyes wide with fear, and ran into the office. The door closed and the yelling continued.

When Mary left, she was smiling. Her boss' hands covered hers like a glove.

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