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My Eyes Burn - I Can See

I can see your depravity. I catch your eyes as you refill my coffee and the truth rushes through you. My eyes sear your soul and you know I can see you pissing in the coffee pot, diluting the coffee with your urine.

The secret of the extra acid kick is revealed through the look of horror on your face. You can't hide from me and it petrifies you, yet my face is a mask of calm. Detached. Unconcerned.

You stop pouring and slowly take back my mug. Without breaking eye contact, you slip away. When you return, you're not alone, and I'm asked to leave. I stand up casually and turn to go. But, before I do, I leave you with these words:

"You're infected. It'll be long and very painful. You can't transmit it by what you're doing. But, with every cup you serve, you extend the pain by a day. It'll be horrible. You'll want to die but you'll be too afraid to kill yourself. You'll waste away in agony and alone."

Without a look back, I exit the cafe. You'll never see me again. No matter how much you scream.

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