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Fast Fiction

The Initiation

There were two questions Billy needed to answer. The first, did he really want to join the gang? Secondly, could he live with the implications of his challenge?

"You can do it, Billy!" pushed Mark. "Just crack his skull open and you'll be one of us, forever!"

Billy felt the coldness and the weight of the rock in his hands and looked into the eyes of his helpless victim. He didn't hesitate out of fear, he did so out of anger. "This is a stupid way to join your gang," he said.

"Just do it you little shit! Don't you want to be the only 12 year old to hang out with us 13 year olds?" asked Mark. "Besides, if you don't dash his head in with that rock, we'll use it to dash in yours."

The rest of the gang mumbled their agreement and Billy stood up to face all five of them. Looking down again, he scowled, gripped the rock, and threw it down hard, right onto Mark's hand. Mark screamed and fell back, letting go of the kitten he was holding.

"Fuck you," said Billy as he turned and ran away.

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