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One Man's Views — (February 1998) 5 Stars is the highest grade. WARNING: The Spoilers Flag waves on in these reviews!

The Life Story of the Flash
(w) Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn (a) Gil Kane, Joe Staton & Tom Palmer
DC Comics HardCover - $27.95Can

You've heard the setup. This is the book written by Iris Allen, detailing the life story of Barry Allen and sometimes touching upon the other speedsters in the DC Universe. As an old-time Flash reader, there's nothing new in there. The way the book is presented (Iris' words with pages of artwork) would have been better if there was actually more exposition (but then it wouldn't have really been a comic book per se, right?). Anyhow, it was great reading for a cold and snowy winter's night. After all, as those of us who GET cold and snowy winter nights know, there's nothing like being safe and warm under a blanket while the snow is falling softly outside to stir up nostalgic memories. And that's what this hardcover is all about. A final look back on the life story of a hero whom many people loved when they first started reading comics and whom we sometimes wish was still around. Of course, the book can't really give you the full details of Wally's and Bart's adventures, since they haven't been created yet. But, there was enough teaser material in there to make me reconsider dropping Impulse in the event something great will happen in the title soon. How long this urge will last, though, is anyone's guess. My recommendation for the book: If you're a die-hard Barry Allen Flash fan, you should get it. It's a wonderful trip down memory lane.

DAWN - Lucifer's Halo
Joseph Michael Linsner
Sirius - $19.95U.S.

I had never heard of either the creator or this title before I saw the ad for this trade paperback reprinting the original mini-series. 2 things drew me to it. First, the artwork is STUNNING. Secondly, Gary Numan (a musical artist I've loved for a long time) was so inspired by the books that he released his latest CD featuring songs about it. Needless to say, I purchased both.

The introduction by P. Craig Russell was somewhat confusing as he attempted (only briefly mind you) to describe what made Dawn so special and appealing. I sat back and decided I would just wade in and immerse myself in this world. It was the same cold snowy night I read the Flash Hardcover, and those nostalgic feelings were just about right for experiencing a new book.

You know what? I can't fully describe it to you. Dawn is a book that you have to feel. It's about Angels, it's about Devils, it's about Lucifer's Halo. It's about Devils killing Angels and taking their Halos as tokens of power. It's about love. It's about self discovery. It's everything, anything, and nothing. It's a trip. And, it is absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend this to anyone with a desire to try something new, different, and yet primal and basic. Heaven and Hell. Life and Death. It's exquisite. As for the CD, the songs were very haunting and fit the atmosphere perfectly. The next time I re-read this book, I will definitely do it to Gary Numan's tunes. Money very well spent

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