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champagne glasses Welcome to Mike & Chantale - Our Wedding Story. Whether you are family or friends living out of town, or just passing through, we invite you to read and see everything in relation to our upcoming wedding! Join us in experiencing this exciting chapter in our lives as we share with you not only our log and countdown to the blessed day, but our feelings and emotions as we go through it! Please do take the time to sign our Guestbook and let us know you dropped by!


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  • Bells Our Wedding Log - Describing the planning process of our big day!
  • Bride Chantale's Wedding Journal - The Bride's Perspective (Last Updated Oct 17th, 2002)
  • Groom Mike's Wedding Journal - Thoughts from the Groom (Last Updated Oct 10th, 2006)
  • Photos Photographs - Pictures of the Happy Couple (Last Updated Feb 5th, 2004)
  • Church The Church - All about the Ceremony
  • Bells The Reception - Where we will celebrate!
  • Email Us! E-Mail Us! - Drop Us a line and share your thoughts!

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