Mike & Chantale's Wedding - Photographs

August 30, 2003 - The smiles say it all :) Husband and Wife look out at everyone in the church. What an amazing day :)

More Photographs of the Wedding Day are now available!

January 2002 - Here's one of the pictures that helped start it all off! This photograph was taken in the woods by the beach minutes after the Official Proposal took place. You might not be able to see the ring on Chantale's finger, but I'm sure you can see the look of joy on both our faces. If we look cold, it's because the temperature was minus 15 with a windchill of what felt like minus 30!! :) If you haven't read the story of the proposal yet, get on over to Chantale's Wedding Journal and read up on it! :)

March 2002 - After much talk about actually going to get some portraits done of the family, an appointment was made and pictures taken! Here's the one we chose for ourselves. It became quite the famous portrait as we have no spares left to give away! Everyone wanted a copy!

May 2002 - As an anniversary and birthday gift to Mike, I took him on his first trip down to the Carribean. We spent one week in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba having a wonderful time! Relaxing in Cuba's sun (it was 35 degrees and sunny every day) and drinking Pina Colada's and Rum Punches was just what we needed that time of year!

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